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New puppies can really kick your butt

on February 12, 2009

I guess recap is in order since I haven’t been on here in a couple of days. I’ve been busy with Gwen. I might as well have had a baby. Okay, not really, but two sleepless nights in a row made me remember the sleepless baby days with stunning detail.

The first two nights with Gwen were a non-stop howl-a-thon. I thought she’d like sleeping in the same room with Belle but nooooooooooooo. Then the howling and barking had Belle on the ragged edge. Monday night I let her sleep with Austin to escape the insanity. By Tuesday I had joined Belle on the edge. One of my friends and another of Tyler’s told us to get a kennel and let her sleep next to our bed. I ran out and bought said kennel and prayed it would work. It did. She slept like a log last night and so did the rest of the family.

Gwen is settling into life around here quite nicely. She is an amazing dog and Belle is finally warming up to her. They actually played together today, chasing each other around. Thank the LORD! So even if Belle wanted me to think the new dog was going to make her die, she finally gave up that act and had a good time today!

BUT Gwen does have seperation anxiety. She howls while we’re gone (myneighbors informed me – like I said, they always have my back!) So I’m going to try a couple of new things. But if any of you veteran dog owners have any ideas for me, I’m open. Advise away.

Hopefully I’ll be back creating my humorous blogs soon. I’ve been very tired over the last three days, but I think we’re getting into a groove with Gwen. OH and get this!! Not only was her “old name” Ginger , but according to her papers, she was born on my birthday – the exact day – and her father’s name is Austin.

I need to get to bed. Tyler’s birthday is Thursday and Amber’s (complete with slumber party) is Friday. Sunday can’t get here soon enough!


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