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SW Daybook – February 16, 2009

on February 16, 2009

For Today…

Outside my window… it is BEAUTIFUL! I have a ton of yardwork I should do, but I’m sure I won’t.

I am thinking… about my husband’s amazing cousin whom I love as my own – today is her 30th birthday.

From the learning rooms… I’m glad we took today off.

I am thankful for… a puppy who went from a nervous wreck to pure perfection in a week!!!

From the kitchen… it’s a disaster area. I just got dinner in the crock pot so instead of cleaning up the aftermath, I’m blogging.

I am wearing… a lovely ensemble from the “do not wear in public” section of my wardrobe.

I am reading… I started a book by an author I really can’t stomach anymore, hoping this one will be better. So far, it’s not.

I am hoping… my friend, Lori, will start her own blogggity blog!

I am creating… a really cool homemade card for my mother-in-law’s birthday. You can click HERE to see it. I made it for my husband for Valentine’s Day and it was quite a hit.

I am hearing… my daughter on Club Penguin and the puppy whine because the “old dog” won’t play with her.

Around the house… things are pretty quiet. Hubby is at work and son is snowboarding.

One of my favorite things… quiet houses!!! But only occasionally – I would go nuts if it was like this all the time.

A few plans for the rest of the week…family game night, marriage conference, getting my hair shaped up, going to see my parents.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

My sweet girl turned 11 on Friday!

The Simple Woman’s Daybook.


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