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Taking Chance

on February 22, 2009

Tyler and I watched this HBO movie last night and let’s just say I’m moved. Oh my. I am so thankful to have seen this movie . . . . I never thought I’d ever be saying that about any movie, much less one put out by HBO.

Taking Chance is based on actual events and stars Kevin Bacon as Marine Lt. Col. Michael Strobl. Lt. Col. Stobl volunteered to escort the body of PFC Chance Phelps to his final resting place after he had been killed in action in Iraq. It was a very simple story, based entirely on Strobl’s journal he kept during those few days.

I saw Kevin Bacon on Regis and Kelly Friday. He said Strobl was just so overcome by the support and reverence he experienced from people along every step of his journey. The movie conveys this very, very well.

I don’t have a lot more to say about it other than I believe every person should see it. It’s 100% family safe if you think your kids are old enough to handle the subject matter. There is no gore, swearing, or dialogue that explains too much.

It was simple and it was stunning.


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