The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying

on March 2, 2009

Planning, and dreaming, each night, of its charms. You know the song . . . . the one from the beginning of “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Only I changed one word – from “his” to “its.” What is the “it” of my affection {and obviously too much mental effort – ahem}? It’s a Cannon Rebel Xsi. This little baby:

I have wanted one of these for almost 11 years. Okay, not the digital version. I started drooling over the film version the summer of 1997. I was in my first trimester with Amber and sick 24/7. But for SOME reason Tyler and I decided to take Austin to a family get together on a lake. That you could only get to by boat. Oh mylanta!

Anyway, my dear aunt who is quite the photog took some pictures of Austin. And this one blew me away:

I had to scan it so the quality is not the best, but in real life – the picture is amazing. I called her and asked her what kind of camera she had. I think you can guess the answer. Well, at that juncture in our lives, spending the kind of dough needed to purchase such a high quality camera was not an option. And in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t get the film version. In 1997 who even knew what a digital camera was – lol!!!

Fast forward almost 11 years and guess what??? I ordered my beloved object of deepest affection. I decided at Christmas to start saving for the camera once and for all. So instead of spending the money I got, I saved it. I sold a couple of things here and there. Tyler even gave me cash for Valentine’s Day because that’s what I asked for. You gotta love that guy!

I read an article yesterday that Canon is dumping all their old models to gear up for the new cameras coming out in April. I went on Ebay and was like a kid in a candy shop. I had enough money saved!!! So for a while you’ll all have to be subjected to my pictures as I learn how to use more camera that I will probably ever need!


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