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Walking with Amber

on March 22, 2009

Amber and I have decided to start walking together. I was at my retreat last weekend and one of the ladies was saying that she met her neighbor/walking buddy before they even bought their house. They were just looking at the house and the lady came out and asked my friend if she was a walker. Can we just say I was a little jealous??? I want a walking partner, but none of my neighbors who walk schedules jive with mine (did I seriously just type “jive”???).

I had forgotten all about it and a couple of days later I noticed Amber had waaaaaaaaaay too much energy most nights around bed time. So to burn the energy, she dances like a maniac. Which is fine, but it’s usually right before bed and then she’s all riled up. She already has issues with getting to sleep at night. She moves around a lot during the day, but it was obvious she needed a more concentrated energy burn – lol. She’s not into sports at all and I don’t want to push her to do something she won’t like.

Then it hit me and in a matter of seconds that I had a walking partner. What’s even better is that she thought it was a great idea! Of course, the weather here hasn’t been cooperating, but it finally did yesterday. We had to go on a short walk before church, but it was great – so much better than I had imagined.

Amber is a quiet, introspective child. While her brother lets us know just about everything that’s on his mind, Amber keeps a lot of stuff to herself. But about 5 minutes into the walk, little girlfriend let the flood gates open. I was amazed!! I didn’t realize it, but one of her friend’s judgmental attitudes was getting to her. Basically this friend has been taught by her parents that there is only a very narrow view of what is acceptable when it comes to personal appearance. This friend has been having a very harsh attitude towards someone who is a little more “alternative” than she is. Amber just didn’t understand why it meant so much to her friend to dislike this person based on appearance.

What a moment. I told her that Jesus says the two most important commandments are to love God and love others. (I know the alternative person – it’s not like they advocate Satan worship – lol.) And Jesus never told us to like or dislike someone based on how they appeared on the outside. Then she wanted to know how I knew so many Bible verses. I told her I didn’t know Bible verses complete with chapter and verse reference (okay, I do a few), but when you spend a lot of time in God’s word it just becomes who you are. And you know it.

Of course, it’s windy and cold today so she doesn’t want to walk (and that’s f-i-n-e with me). Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I can’t wait to see where this all leads!! And I’m so grateful to God for giving me the best walking partner I could ever hope for.


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