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SW Daybook – March 23, 2009

on March 23, 2009

For Today…

Outside my window… The sun is shining!!!! Sunshine is not guaranteed for spring in the Pacific northwest.

I am thinking… that since it’s spring break, the kids can make their own breakfast.

From the learning rooms… S P R I N G B R E A K

I am thankful for… no matter what the situation, God will take care of me.

From the kitchen… baking brownies from scratch for my son’s small group tonight.

I am wearing… pajamas. No socks or slippers and my feet aren’t freezing 🙂

I am reading… What’s Your God Language by Myra Perrine. Fascinating!

I am hoping… my back will quit hurting. Would probably help if I sat correctly!

I am creating… another rag rug. Tyler wants one by his side of the bed.

I am hearing… Jimmy Neutron and Austin trying new chords on his guitar (he’s obsessed and I think it’s great). Austin has an Ipod Touch and he downloaded a couple of apps that are nothing but guitar chords. Who knew a Touch could also be educational? He probably did, but his mother was clueless.

Around the house… I need to do laundry!

One of my favorite things… hearing my son on the guitar . . . . . . .I think he found something he really loves.

A few plans for the rest of the week… The aunts are coming! The aunts are coming!! My dad’s two sisters from North Carolina will be here tonight for a week. It’s why we’re taking Spring break a week early. Homeschooling can have some suh-weet perks!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Austin has been using my camera a lot. He loves taking pictures of the dogs. I’d show you what he took of Belle, but he really wanted to get super-up close pictures and, well, she looks like a concentration camp survivor. Doggie does NOT do closeups well!

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