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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

8 Things Meme

I was tagged by KC at Books N Boys . . . . . here goes.

Eight Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  • School being over on June 5th.
  • Third Day concert on May 8 – fourth row seats.
  • Getting a new CamelBak water bottle (I’m really easy to please)
  • I have a book waiting for me at the library “Portland Hill Walks: 20 Explorations in Parks and Neighborhoods.”
  • The great date nights that will result from the above mentioned book.
  • Austin getting his next belt in karate, which should be soon.
  • Watching Amber compete in a track meet.
  • Heaven 🙂

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

  • Grocery shopping with Tyler.
  • Cleaned up doggie #2 – Gwen was mad at us and went in her kennel. At least it was the kennel.
  • Took a 15 minute nap – I rarely, if ever do this and it was grand.
  • Finished Day 2 of reading my bible through in a year. I’ve done this before and I never start in January. I’m super excited.
  • Went to Taste of Asia with Tyler for our weekly date. The best place ever – better than P.F. Changs – which is WAY overrated in my never to be humble opinion.
  • Wondered how my neighbor is doing – she’s in Mexico on vacation and was a bit nervous to go . . . . .
  • Talked to my dad on the phone.
  • Got a life long friend’s daughter’s graduation card and gift ready to go in the mail.

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

  • Keep a much cleaner house.
  • Sing good enough to have a record deal
  • Draw See THIS blog.
  • Be a morning person
  • Write a book
  • Knit socks
  • Go on vacation many times a year – so not realistic, but it would be nice.
  • Have a wife. Wives are such an asset.

Eight Shows I Watch:

  • The Office
  • American Idol
  • Dancing With The Stars
  • 30Rock
  • Celebrity Apprentice (the Rivers’ need a dose of reality and humility)
  • Whatever, Martha!
  • The Amazing Race
  • The Soup – I heart Joel McHale

I’m not going to tag anyone (I was supposed to tag eight). It’s only 10 a.m. and see the “wish I was a morning person” comment above? I can’t even think of eight people at the moment . . . . . . . Have a great day!

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Works for Me Wednesday: Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Last week my husband decided to join me on a trip to Costco. I usually have mixed feeling about the hubs joining me on Costco runs. The cons . . . . he is a very OCD shopper. He has the list and the coupons (if there are any) in order of how we will navigate the store. I’m much more lassiez-faire in my approach to shopping, which I’m SURE drives him nuts, too.

But the pro is that he’s much more willing to spend money than I am. I figure, “Hey, he makes the money and pays the bills . . . . .more power to him.” And this last trip was no exception.

He’s been having trouble sleeping and thought it was our bed. Great. We have a king size mattress . . . . those bad boys aren’t cheap, but I didn’t know what else to consider. In Costco we saw a memory foam mattress topper. He said a guy at work said it was the greatest thing ever, blah, blah, blah. Yes, it was expensive. BUT it’s cheaper than a new mattress. I wasn’t so sold, but the poor guy works very long hours and needs his sleep.

Let’s just say that after laying on it for, oh I don’t know, .23 seconds, I was sold. It’s like heaven, pure heaven. I was worried the foam would make me too hot, but it doesn’t. I thought it would be too hard. It isn’t. I thought a lot of things I was wrong about.

So if you need a new mattress, maybe a memory foam mattress topper is a cheaper solution for you, too!

Join in the Works for Me Wednesday fun at Kristen’s blog.

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Anatomy of a desecration . . . . .

I have this amazing friend named Candice. She is talented, generous, hilarious, loving, kind and absolutely beautiful. The kind of person it would be so easy to hate if she wasn’t so. stinking. wonderful. I kid you not. I was stranded in Seattle with her and her mom on 9/11 for 5 days – you really get to know a person under those types of conditions. Anyway, here’s a picture of her and her daughter on Easter.

Candice’s only flaw is that she seems to think her gift for drawing free hand is something many, many others possess. She posted a picture on Facebook recently of a chalk outline she did of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Elmo on her driveway so her kids could color it in. I, of course, commented that I didn’t even want to KNOW who drew it because: a) I actually did know, and b) I was harboring some seriously sinful jealousy.

Candice tritely replied that she copied it from a coloring book. I *think* she might have added that “anyone” could do it. Maybe not. At this point the jealously is making everything look like a hazy shade of green and I really don’t remember all the particulars. It was then I told her that I would soon be drawing a chalk Ariel of my own and she’d see that it actually does take some talent to do what she did.

So yesterday was the big day. I dug out the vat of sidewalk chalk we have accumulated over the years:

And I picked the most hidden from my neighbors perfect place to do my drawing . . . . It just so happened to be in the backyard behind the 6 foot fence. My kids made me do it there because earlier in the day they were wailing, “You’re going to do it out front?? Where all the neighbors can see?” It’s a good thing I don’t value my self worth on what my kids think of me.

Here’s the unsuspecting sidewalk! How fitting that it’s right next to all the trash cans . . . .

I even downloaded a coloring page of Ariel and Elmo. I am nothing if not prepared.

Soooooooooo, here is my finished product.

Shocking in so many ways, isn’t it? Here’s an upclose of her upper body, if you can call it that . . . . . . .

And because Candice had to throw in a perfectly drawn Elmo, I tried my hand at that too. Don’t stare at him too long.

I don’t know if I was happy to prove my point or not. All I do know is that last night as it was pouring rain, all I could think of was my hard work in the back yard. Well, that and Michael W. Smith’s song “Healing Rain.”

Healing rain is coming down
It’s coming nearer to this old town
Rich and poor, weak and strong
It’s bringing mercy, it won’t be long


SW Daybook – April 27, 2009

Outside my window…
the sun is shining gloriously, but I don’t think it’s supposed to stay that way. Hello spring in the Pacific northwest.

I am thinking… about what bible study to do on my own for the summer since this is the last week of “Esther.”

From the learning rooms… six glorious weeks left and we are 95% on schedule. Can I get an amen?

I am thankful for… the things I’ve learned in the Esther study.

From the kitchen… baking pancakes AGAIN. The kids are obsessed with it.

I am wearing… doing the jammies and greasy ponytail at the moment . . . . .

I am reading… The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Age Stories.

I am hoping… the weather won’t be too nasty at the track tonight so I can walk 3 miles like I did last Friday.

I am creating… I made some cute notecards last night, I want to make a fabric cover for my Bible.

I am praying… to not become like “that.”

Around the house… letting the kids sleep in . . . . even the dogs are quiet.

One of my favorite things… my Bible study ladies.

A few plans for the rest of the week… take kids to track practice, take Austin to small group, karate and an orthodontist appointment, call the dentist because I think I might have an appointment this week I forgot about, all the regular mom duties.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

I took this in our back yard last week . . . . . then I played around with some of the colors 🙂

Join the SWDB fun HERE.

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In an effort to try to curb my time on the computer, I’ve decided I’m only uploading pictures I’ve taken on Facebook. You can request to be my friend if you want – Cheri Blanton Chavers. Ahhhhh, the cat is out of the bag about my last name. Chavers. There it is, in living color. CHAY-vurz. Seven little letters that are capable of causing quite a ruckus every now and then!

I’m still going to blog on Multiply and Blogger. I just have too many friends on Multiply to leave it completely. However, if it eats one more post I’m going to scream.

Alrighty – on to what’s been going on around here. We went to OMSI to see DaVinci, The Genuis. It was just amazing. Especially the “Secrets of the Mona Lisa” gallery. Oh my! No, no “DaVinci Code” secrets, but secrets to how it was painted, how it had been restored, how the paint is degenerating, etc. Things no one could really know unless they too had a 240-million pixel camera to photograph the Mona Lisa. From there, they could dissect the picture layer by layer on computer. Fascinating!

We also had a fun outing to Lewisville Park on Monday. It’s a beautiful park north of us and it has the Lewis river running right through it. Amber was brave enough to get her toes wet in the river. Me? Not so much. But it was nice to walk around in the sun and not be cold! And by some mysterious grace, I didn’t get sunburned!

The kids started track on Monday. It was an amazing turnout – easily over 100 kids. They both did so well and I was so proud of them. Proud of Austin because he was exhausted from a weekend at the beach with the youth group and he still gave it his all. Amber because she fell once but didn’t let it bother her. They were doing grapevine type exercises and she took a tumble. They both enjoyed it a lot. Their first meet is May 4 . . . . . we’ll see how that goes!

A great thing about the practices are that the kids don’t use the entire track the whole time. Which means the parents can walk – which a lot of them do. I’m going to get Tyler to show me how to download books onto my MP3 player. I think part of me just died and went to heaven! Walking, listening to books, not worrying about leaving the kids at home while I do my “thing.” Yeeeeehawwwwww!

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Ten Thought Tuesday

At Lewisville Park 4.20.09

1. Getting a late start this week . . . . what’s new?

2. The kids did SO good at track practice last night. I was so proud of Austin who was exhausted but still gave it his all. And Amber who fell down during one of the drills and didn’t get discouraged and still had a good time.

3. My beagle puppy is So. Stinking. Smart! I can’t believe it. It deserves a blog of it’s own.

4. Started walking again. Walking helps my arthritic right knee and I’ve been a weather wimp and stopped walking. Knee has started hurting.

5. It’s been in the 80’s the last couple of days. It’s going to cool off, but not start raining!

6. When the kids are at track practice I can walk on the track for up to two hours! I’m going to download books on my MP3 player.

7. I’m reading the short story “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I didn’t see the movie, but the story is wonderful. Mr. Fitzgerald is in a class by himself when it comes to writing . . . . . .wowie.

8. I’m pretty sure “wowie” was never penned by Mr. Fitzgerald. Therefore forever separating my writing abilities from his.

9. I admitted to someone today for the first time ever that I find Zac Efron attractive. It feels so good to finally get THAT out in the open. Please be kind as you now proceed to make all kinds of fun of me.

10. Thinking about reading “The Message” Bible through in a year. But I need to see if it’s God wanting me to do it or me just getting excited. Tyler already has it, it’s called “The Daily Message.” Hmmmmmm . . . . . .we’ll see.

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SW Daybook – April 20, 2009

For Today…

Outside my window… sunny, beautiful and supposed to get up to 82!

I am thinking… actually reflecting on a very full spiritual weekend. Beth Moore was in town and it was amazing. So many things to think over.

From the learning rooms… despite the beautiful weather, school must go on. The kids aren’t happy.

I am thankful for… this weather!

From the kitchen… probably going to do Papa Murphy’s for dinner.

I am wearing… tank top, shorts and my Croc flip-flops

I am reading… still reading “Traveling Light.”

I am hoping… that the kids like track. They start tonight.

I am creating… not much – too much fun being outside right now.

I am praying… for many things.

Around the house… lookin’ pretty good since I had to prepare for a much welcomed guest this weekend – Tyler’s cousin who came to Beth Moore with me.

One of my favorite things… the dog door Tyler installed. One of the best things to come around in a long, long time.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Tyler has Monday – Thursday off!! That means picnics, a trip to OMSI to see the DaVinci display, and the regular things we have going on.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Blurry and out of focus, but this is the best I could do of the dogs playing. Gwen wears Belle out . . . . . . . so glad one plan I had in this life actually worked out.

Join the SWDB fun here.

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I owe my dog an apology

She looks so pathetic in this picture

Yeah, this one. I owe her one big time apology. We hadn’t ever taken her to the dog park because she’s such a terror at home. Just ask Harriet’s dog, Sam. Or my neighbor’s dog, Sparky. Or any of the cats, squirrels, birds or rabbits that dare to set foot in our back yard.

She is so territorial. She barks at people walking on the sidewalk in front of the house. She barks at the American flag we have hanging on the front of the house if it waves the wrong way. She barks and growls at any person who comes into the house. She was even barking at Amber walking down the stairs today. Any guesses as to why I didn’t want to deal with her at the dog park.

But I thought I might as well give her a chance. There is an area for small dogs at the park and I figured if worse came to worse, I could take her in there. I don’t know why I thought that would be a good solution, but I did.

Getting her and Gwen from the car to the park was interesting. They were both so excited they kept tangling up their leashes around me and Amber. But we got there and I did the dreaded duty – took Belle off leash. And what happened from that moment on until we left an hour later will always be fresh in my mind. My chihuahua was perfectly behaved. When I say she had perfect dog park manners, what I really mean is she had perfect dog park manners. You could write a “how to” brochure on how she acted.

I was in shock. There was no growling, no barking, no running people away from me, no insane behavior I’ve come to expect from my dog. I don’t really get why she was so good . . . . nor do I care. What I do know is that she earned herself a spot on any and every dog park excursion for the rest of her life.

Oh, Belle. Who knew you had it in you?

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I’ve been fighting something . . .

My body has been fighting something. What that something is, I don’t know. All I know is that I got/have a killer cold sore and a nice swollen something in my neck. And by about 7:00 every night I’m ready for bed. It never works that way, but it would be nice.

And tonight is Beth Moore!! I’m getting the house ready for an overnight guest, so there’s another reason I haven’t been around. I’m resisting the urge to whine and say I wish I had a guest room . . . .

I’ll hopefully be back this weekend. Although we’re supposed to get up to 80 degrees, so don’t count on me being around 🙂

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Ten Thought Tuesday (this might be hard)

1. I spent a good part of my day chasing after the beagle. I felt like I had a 2 year old in the house again.

That’s a piece of wood with decaying fern on it. She knew she shouldn’t have it in the house. The doggie door is a blessing and a curse.

2. I had too much fun on Facebook and Twitter today.

3. My touchpad on the laptop was set to “way too sensitive.” I thought I fixed it and it appears I haven’t.

4. Bought the kids running shoes today since they’re starting track on Monday. Can’t really run in skateboard shoes, which is all they have.

5. I’m going back to the Coach outlet tomorrow. I sold the one I bought on Ebay and made enough to warrant trying it again!!!

6. I just disabled the touchpad. Problem IS solved.

7. I have a strange lump/abscess/cyst on my right finger. I had my yearly last week and she told me to go see a dermatologist. Which I can’t get into ANY in Vancouver until May 18. I have other skin problems (of course I do) so I’ll just have to wait until then.

8. Sisters In Law was so much fun last night. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

9. Must finish this blog. I promised Amber I’d watch American Idol with her . . . . without the laptop.

10. BETH MOORE will be here on Friday. An evening and a morning with her is going to be divine. It’s going to be just me and her . . . . . and thousands of others!!

Sweet dreams!

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