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Why you no like straight hair?

on April 1, 2009

More on the title of my blog later . . . . . . Amber and I went shopping today. She had quite a tidy sum saved for the new Nintendo DSI (I have no clue) but decided she didn’t need to upgrade. So we hit the outlet mall about an hour south of here. The weather was horrible (it’s one of those outdoor malls that makes no sense here) but we had a great time.

Here’s a few things she learned:

  • She now fits into junior sizes. Okay, just the extra-small, but she was more than happy to ditch the girls section at stores.
  • Blue can actually be just as pretty as pink (Gap sweatshirt).
  • Aeropostale rocks (two polos that I have to admit are darrrrrrrrrrrrrling)
  • Outlet stores are cheaper than the mall.
  • Just because you saw some tennis shoes on clearance at one store doesn’t mean every other store will have them.
  • When your mom warns you that Hollister at the mall – not the outlet (of course THEY don’t have an outlet store around) – is expensive, listen to her.
  • $24 for a short sleeved t-shirt that’s about as thick as a coffee filter at the aforementioned store is worth not buying.
  • I might have raised a clothes/shoe horse, but she’s not stupid.
  • Okay, I’m inserting my opinions in her list, my list is to follow.
  • 11 is still young enough to buy a Hello Kitty stuffed animal at the end of an exhausting shopping day.

What did I learn? I learned that hitting three malls (Woodburn Outlet, Clackamas and Van Mall) plus the grocery store in one day is exhausting. I think I mentioned exhausting before, but I’ll mention it again. It was exhausting. Where was I?

Oh! I learned that the new Coach outlet in Woodburn is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I found a purse that retails for $468 for $129.99. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s going up for sale on Ebay this weekend. I want to see if I could turn a little bit of a profit. If it’s enough, I’ll look into buying and selling more. I sold one of the ones I had used for awhile and Tyler was surprised at how much money I got for it. THAT’S a venture I could totally get into.

Okay, back to the title of my blog. Every stinking time I go to a mall, bazaar, any public gathering, there’s some guy there trying to sell flat irons to women with curly hair. He asked me what products I used on my hair . . . . . I thought maybe he had something on the other side of his cart for curly girls (I’m always a “the cup is half-full” type of gal). Stupid, stupid Cheri. He starts asking me why I don’t have straight hair. I said because God didn’t give it to me. He said, “Don’ you ever wanna try go straight?” I said that I didn’t want to stand in the bathroom fighting with my hair every morning. Then he said it. “Why you no like straight hair?”

I almost burst out laughing. He then picked up a flat iron and was ready to climb the Mt. Everest firmly attached to the top of my head. There is no way I’m going to let some guy at some cart touch my head with something that has probably touched 500 other women. ICK. I said no and he then turned to Amber (who has straight hair) and said, “Oh, it work for her, too.” Something flipped inside me and I said, “None of those irons are going to touch either of our heads. Goodbye.” He said, “Have a nice life.”

Amber and I laughed all the way to the next store.


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