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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

So much to blog about

on April 11, 2009

(Austin left this plastic thumb hanging out of the cupboard right where I do the laundry. He’s been leaving it everywhere – in the ice cream, in the door jamb, you name it. It only scared me once!)

I promise not to turn this into a novella. I’ll just focus on today. I did what I always, always dread. I took the kids and myself into the belly of the beast – downtown Portland, Oregon on a week day. And I had to find parking. On a week day. In Portland. Downtown. Get the drift? Never in five years have I managed to pull this off gracefully.

There’s usually crying, panicking, yelling, chanting “I”m never coming back to this city, I’m never coming back to this city” over and over. There’s sweating, high blood pressure, wondering why the temperature outside suddenly got so warm. OH, let’s not forget the unplanned sprint to our final destination and the resulting apology for being late. In my defense, out of the many activities we’ve gone to in downtown, I’ve only been late for one. And it wasn’t even close to my fault. But I’m over it. I really am.

It was a miracle. We left in time, I went right to the destination without incident, found a parking garage, had enough time to walk into Starbuck’s. I can’t tell you how good it felt to not have to partake in the unplanned sprint! There was only one setback. Just before we left the house, I spilled approximately 13 ounces of coffee all over the stove. I had not choice but to throw paper towels over it and clean it up when I got home. *sigh*

So what occasion called for me to face the beast? It was a concert called Ten Grands for Kids. If you look at the link, the second picture is what we saw. It was just astounding. And don’t let him know this, but I actually think Austin enjoyed himself. We were at the second showing and one of the theater volunteers told us there were over 6,000 at the first show – with 660 of them being homeschoolers! Our group was smaller – maybe 4,000. If you ever have the chance to attend one of the concerts, I highly recommend it.

However, the entire day couldn’t be so enchanting. I think it took me over an hour to clean the stove/oven from all the coffee. But I have the shiniest stove top I’ve had in years. Even Amber noticed!

And here are a couple of shots from the magnolia tree in my front yard. It won’t last for long.


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