The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Ten Thought Tuesday

on April 22, 2009

At Lewisville Park 4.20.09

1. Getting a late start this week . . . . what’s new?

2. The kids did SO good at track practice last night. I was so proud of Austin who was exhausted but still gave it his all. And Amber who fell down during one of the drills and didn’t get discouraged and still had a good time.

3. My beagle puppy is So. Stinking. Smart! I can’t believe it. It deserves a blog of it’s own.

4. Started walking again. Walking helps my arthritic right knee and I’ve been a weather wimp and stopped walking. Knee has started hurting.

5. It’s been in the 80’s the last couple of days. It’s going to cool off, but not start raining!

6. When the kids are at track practice I can walk on the track for up to two hours! I’m going to download books on my MP3 player.

7. I’m reading the short story “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I didn’t see the movie, but the story is wonderful. Mr. Fitzgerald is in a class by himself when it comes to writing . . . . . .wowie.

8. I’m pretty sure “wowie” was never penned by Mr. Fitzgerald. Therefore forever separating my writing abilities from his.

9. I admitted to someone today for the first time ever that I find Zac Efron attractive. It feels so good to finally get THAT out in the open. Please be kind as you now proceed to make all kinds of fun of me.

10. Thinking about reading “The Message” Bible through in a year. But I need to see if it’s God wanting me to do it or me just getting excited. Tyler already has it, it’s called “The Daily Message.” Hmmmmmm . . . . . .we’ll see.


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