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I won! I won!

on May 1, 2009

Well, sort of. I ended up in a three way tie for first place. I read Jason Boyett’s blog religiously. He is one seriously funny dude. And he seriously loves Christ. I found him through a similar blog Stuff Christians Like.

Jason had a contest recently. He posted this picture and wanted people to come up with seriously un-inspriational quotes to go under the cute little kitty:

I figured, “Why Not?” So I stood at my laptop and tried to come up with something uninspirational, with a high amount cheese thrown in. It came to me instantly. And before I knew what I was doing, I was leaving my comment.

About 5 minutes later I felt like an idiot. I read some of the other comments people had left and immediately second thought my comment. Then I proceeded to beat myself up all the way to track practice about how stupid my comment was.

But the next day I checked back on Jason’s blog and I was winner number three!! He made the three of us into winning posters and here’s my poster:

Now I’m the proud owner of Jason’s newest book, “Pocket Guide to the Bible.” Boo-yah!


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