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So heavy

on May 2, 2009

I picked up my purse this afternoon and couldn’t understand why it was SO heavy!!??!??! Then I looked in it. Good grief. And being the true blogger that I am, I had to take pictures of it all and will now proceed to document it.

First off – the culprit who holds it all.

I am addicted to this style of purse. Give me a big ‘ol square and let me fill ‘er up!

The second culprit: My wallet

So tidy and red and cute. Don’t be fooled. Just wait until I open her . . . . . .

Okay, so things don’t really explode out of there like that, but I live in fear that they might someday. Amongst the things you’d expect to find in my wallet, I also have a Victoria Secret card that has my bra size written on it (does anyone really ever forget that?), my expired Washington drivers license, expired community center i.d. cards for me and the kids, Starbuck’s rewards card, blah, blah, blah.

Now we have the health care aisle:

Starting at the bottom left side and going clockwise: left over toe seperators from getting a pedicure. The salon doesn’t have a trash can where you can get to it and I refuse to leave them laying around under the drying lights like most everyone else does. Lip balm from my nasty cold sore episode, small Purell (carried this long before oinker flu), hand cream because I have the most awful dry skin, little container of ibuprofen, big Purell (whatever), and cute Kleenex.

Now we move on to the beauty aisle:

I’m actually a bit shocked that I only have four shades of lipstick here (middle one is chapstick). If I collect anything, it’s lipstick. I’m positively addicted.

Now onto electronics:

First there’s the Garmin 205 Forerunner. Described on the website as a GPS-enabled personal trainer. I don’t use it to its full potential. Tyler bought it when he was going to start running again and let’s just say I use it now to see how far I’ve walked and to help me keep up my pace. Then there’s my MP3 player. Actually, it’s Tyler’s but I use it. My cell phone and my digital watch. I have no idea why the digital watch is in there. NO CLUE.

Now for stationery:
This is a note Amber wrote me in church. She was sick of how much we were singing. I like how she has my mouth really big. She told me later that night that I sang so loud it hurt her ears.

Notes from a silly game we played one night at Applebee’s. Pieces of paper you spray perfume on from Hollister. Have you ever been in that store? I could sit in there for hours and just smell. *AH* Also we have my sunglasses case, random change and wadded up gum wrappers because the kids think my purse doubles as a trash can.

Bottom: Taste of Asia buisness card. I tell everyone how great it is, then I can’t tell them exactly where on Fourth Plain it is. Now I can. Under that, a Papa Murphy’s discount card. Then there’s the $10 off coupon for Famous Footwear. What a joke. And the Dog Gone Clean brochure. Yet another joke. They want me to pay THEM $14 and $16 to wash Belle and Gwen. Oh, did I mention I do the washing myself??? It’s a self-serve place. You have to be kidding me. And of course my year planner, which never gets used, a pen and a highlighter.

And finally . . . . . . the odds and ends.

A cloth to clean my glasses, ticket stubs from “DaVinci: The Genius” at OMSI, a glasses repair kit, a piece of paper that I will explain in the next paragraph, a note from my mom, the tag from my purse (no clue why I have that) and then four tickets to a cancelled passover dinner at our church. Our pastor got sick and all 10 meals were cancelled.

The green paper . . . . it’s the exact measurement of how much room is between the top of my cabinets and the ceiling. That way if I’m ever out and about and see something I might want to throw up there, I can always know if the object of my affection is the right size.

I’ve never used it.


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