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Works For Me Wednesday: Menu Planning Saves $$

on May 6, 2009

I originally posted this for Rocks In My Dryer’s WFMW in January . . . . here’s what I wrote then about my menu planning:

I sat down with all my recipes, cookbooks, scraps of paper, etc. and found our most favorite 28 recipes out there. On a side note, after looking at the array of recipes all I can say is wow! Do we love chicken or what? Anyway, I’m in the process of typing up all the recipes complete with a shopping list at the end of the recipes for that week. Then I print them up, put them in plastic page protectors, use tabbed dividers labeled 1-4 an viola! A month long menu plan is born.

This week we’re on week 2, and I’m in the process of typing up week 3 and 4. It’s taking a *bit* longer than I thought it would, but hey, I only have to do it once. I did a few days of the menu cycle before leaving for Alaska. Now that I’m home, I’m into it full swing and I LOVE it!!!! Tyler said he was so happy to have a home cooked meal when I came home that he didn’t care what it was. “It” just happened to be salmon chowder and I think I saw a glisten of a tear in his eye.

I hope this simplifies my dinner planning. So far, everyone seems to like the meals I’ve chosen. Well, everyone as long as that doesn’t include my son. He finds a way to complain about everything I make. Unless it’s pizza.

So here we are four months later. My menu planning has proved to not only save me time it has saved us a TON of money. We don’t need to eat out anymore. I can keep my eye out for sales because I pretty much know what I’m going to need. I only go to the grocery store once a week, so I even save money on gas!

I would encourage anyone to do this. I *love* to cook and simplifying has made my time in the kitchen even better.

Check out this week’s frugal tips at We Are THAT Family.


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