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3 Confession Thursday: Celebrity Crush Edition

on May 7, 2009

So here are my three confessions for this lovely Thursday afternoon. They also happen to be celebrity crushes.

1. Donny Osmond. I was five . . . . FIVE!! I still can’t believe it. He and Marie wrote a book (complete with purple foil edged pages) in the early 70’s. They came to Boise, ID on a book tour. We stood patiently in line so I could get my coveted book signed (yeah, my mom is the best). I don’t remember Donny but I remember how beautiful and kind Marie was.

2. Paul Simon in the ’80s. Again I really can’t believe it. We all can agree that “Graceland” is arguably one of the best albums ever made. And to this day I only have to barely think about “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” and I swoon. Just a little.

3. Kirk Cameron. This was by far the biggest celebrity crush I ever had. About half of one of my bedroom walls was covered in every picture published of Kirk Cameron in the mid-80s. Tiger, Teen Beat, etc., I bought them all. I wondered what my reaction to him would be when I saw him last year on the big screen (my inner schoolgirl swooned again) in “Fireproof.” So what was my first reaction when I saw him on the silver screen?

Holy CRAP he’s gotten old!


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