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He finally broke a bone

on May 17, 2009

In what has to be worthy of a Guinness world record, my son waited until he was 13 1/2 to break his first bone. Austin wasn’t born crying. He was born with a rebel yell. He has been in constant, mischievous and sometimes hair-raisingly dangerous behavior since he was born. I honestly expected a broken something much sooner. So let me rewind on the last 24 hours . . . . .

Last night Austin was running around the house and playing with the dogs. I didn’t hear him fall, but he came running into the living room, holding his hand and yelling, “Shut up, Amber.” {Amber dared to ask why he was running away so fast – for shame!} He showed me his fourth finger on his left hand and it just looked like it had been jammed. I gave him Advil and ice.

Here’s the monkey wrench . . . . .it was only about an hour before he had to be at his karate belt test so he could test for the coveted blue belt. He has been working on this for months. He could move his finger and it was just swollen so off to the test he went.

I’ll be honest – he really struggled through the test, which included free sparring and self defense. His self defense is mostly throwing someone his size over his shoulder. And a LOT of one on one contact. He was distracted and had a hard time passing, but he passed.

When we got home, his finger was partially blue, the bruising and swelling were down toward the middle of his hand on both the front and back. And part of his palm was numb. Tyler told me it was probably jammed – which we all thought. I ended up calling the after hours advice nurse and after going over about 50 things, she said to take him to the doctor this morning unless the pain got worse.

Oh, and she sighed at me when I told her about the belt test. Ahem.

He was okay all night long and we took him to the doctor this morning. She had x-rays done and yep, he has a fracture near where his finger connects to his hand. They set it in a semi-permanent splint and he’ll see an orthopedist this week.

He’s now slowly realizing everything he can’t do as a result of the break. Play his guitar. Make origami – he’s been on an origami kick lately and the stuff he’s making is amazing. Thankfully it’s his left hand. Any sort of contact in karate for who knows how long, thus putting off all the cool new stuff he gets to learn with his new belt. If it was his right hand, school would be even harder to accomplish than it usually is. At this point he probably wishes it was his right hand!

The doctor told him to take it easy until we get to the orthopedist. So what does he do? In his youth group tonight they played some game where they all had to crawl around on their hands and knees. So what did he do? You guessed it, crawled around. Afterwards he told me his hand really hurt. No, REALLY?

I made him his absolute favorite dessert in the world, peanut butter bars. That would make anyone feel better. And it worked.

I told Amber to smile and she said she’d rather do the opposite. She never ceases to crack me up.


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