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You Found Me When No One Else Was Lookin’ May 21 Edition

on May 21, 2009

Well, the YFMWNOEWL acronym hasn’t exactly taken off like I was hoping. Seriously. It’s only a few more letters to type than “LOL.” It’s way more inconvenient because of Qwerty, but hey, who doesn’t need a challenge?

So in order to take my mind off the fact I just threatened my son (and am deadly serious) with summer school, here’s my latest installment of what crazy Googlers do to get to my Blogger site.

what is schlemeel
I don’t know. Wasn’t that helpful? Aren’t you glad you found me?

cherri “party people”
Is the quotation mark placement meant to imply irony? Such as, Cheri is a real “party person;” she’s in bed every night by 8:00. If so, I applaud how you manage to be sarcastic even while Googling. You’re not the first sarcastic Googler I’ve attracted.

i have been tired and grumpy the past 2 days?
I bet if you ask your family or friends, they can answer this question for you in about .04 seconds. And it might be because of . . . . .

wishing and hoping, and thinking, and praying, each night
Seriously. Get some sleep. Because you’re probably the only one “wondering” if you’re grumpy.

husband suddenly grumpy
I guess your husband isn’t wondering “if” you’re grumpy. And I’m sure he’s not suddenly grumpy. I’m guessing a long, slow burn.

my 18 year old is always tired and sleepy
It’s because he’s sneaking out of the house at night and doing things that would cause you to have a stroke. Aren’t you glad you found me?

What is it? %B

whatim isit now
Oh, I get it. It’s a game. Cold, Antarctic cold.

what is sit now
Warmer . . . . . warmer . . . . . .

what is it now?
You’re burning lava hot! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

And now for Googlers with control issues. How they found me escapes me at the moment . . . .

it’s you and me and no one else
Okeydokey. {Tiptoeing away from this entry.}

i want my dog perfectly behaved
Well, Mr. or Ms. Control Freak, do I have the dog for you!! Here he/she be:

like it is just me and you and no one else around
I’m getting the heebeejeebees.

me and no one else around me
I can’t do anymore of this. Moving on . . . . .

Why God works for me?
Let me answer your question with another question. Shouldn’t you be able to answer that for yourself?

why little puppies puke
Big puppies puke, too. Take my word for it.

rawhide puppy puke
Yeah, there’s that. Then there’s anonymous plastic pieces puke, Lego puke, various parts of a stuffed animal (to include the stuffing) puke. I could go on for hours. But I won’t.

you found me when no one else was
Very existential of you. And, yes, I had to look it up, too.
ex·is·ten·tial \ˌeg-(ˌ)zisˈten(t)-shəl, ˌek-(ˌ)sis-\ 1: of, relating to, or affirming existence

griffins partyof5
Oh, oh, oh! This is a friend of mine. We knew each other in Alaska and she just stumbled accidentally on my blog through We Are THAT Family. I loved reconnecting with her. You can find my friend’s blog here.

costco coupon for memort foam matress
Memort” sounds like something out of Harry Potter. That was my only thought for this entry. Riveting, I know.

dumb things i’ve done
Again, you can’t answer this one yourself? I can.

You don’t have to have lived there for most of your life to answer this one. Talk amongst yourselves.

his appliance braces 2009

Gee, thanks. If I didn’t have self-esteem issues before, I do now.


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