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I Didn’t Ask For This

on May 26, 2009

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know all the tabloid hoopla surrounding the Gosselin parents of “Jon & Kate + 8.” And last night was the premier of the new season, complete with Jon & Kate acting like children. I think what bothered me the most was Jon’s statement, “I didn’t ask for any of this.” Does he think that’s an excuse to behave badly?

Don’t we all have things we didn’t ask for? Here’s my incomplete list:

  • A baby who didn’t sleep through the night or take naps until he was 14 months old.
  • Getting rear ended by a 16 year old girl going 60 mph who hit my car that wasn’t moving.
  • A husband who was gone for massive amounts of time due to his work situation
  • My mom getting cancer

I didn’t ask for any of those things and about 500 others. We all have things like that in our lives. All. Of. Us. You either deal with it like an adult . . . . . or you don’t. It’s really not that hard. None of us are helpless in our reactions when devastating life events come at us. And I do think that the type of fame they have to endure qualifies as a devastating life event. No one ever thought they’d be pursued like the Linsay Lohans and Princess Dianas of our time. You’re allowed your initial reaction, but then we all get on with a “new normal.” I’m just stupefied.

And if I had to hear Kate whine one more time that she had to put the birthday party together by herself and all alone!! Why doesn’t she talk to some women whose husbands are deployed? Or women whose husbands work in jobs that aren’t closed on weekends and holidays. Or women whose husbands don’t work from 9 – 5, Monday through Friday. From personal experience, I have had to do so much on my own due to Tyler’s work schedule it isn’t even funny. It’s not fun, but it’s what you have to do.

None of us are perfect, but for some reason, last night’s show rubbed a nerve in me. I feel deeply sorry for the kids who REALLY are the ones who didn’t ask for any of this. I think I’m going to mail them a copy of Max Lucado’s, “It’s Not About Me.”


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