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Boo Hoo, I’m sick!

on May 28, 2009

UGH! I hate being sick. And the weather has been so unbelievable, but I’ve been stuck indoors. Of course I still have the running around of the kids to do, so at least I get to see some of the nice weather. Tyler’s on his 5 day off stretch, which is wonderful because I have extra help, but awful because I knew the weather was going to be nice and I wanted to do some things with him outdoors. Oh well . . . . . . we have all summer.

Amber’s year end choir performance is tonight. It’ll be bittersweet. Her choir teacher (whom she’s had for the last four years) is retiring. And the homeschool program budget has been cut so they’re cutting nearly all the music classes, along with others. So there aren’t really any classes for the kids to take next year. Until the budget bounces back and they can add new classes, our time with Vancouver Home Connection is over.

We’re blessed that we can afford private lessons for voice and guitar. Right now, Amber doesn’t want private voice lessons and Austin’s on the fence about guitar. Honestly, he knows enough now that if he just got some books and practiced on his own, it would be fine. And he saved some money (along with a end of school gift from my dad) and just ordered and electric guitar complete with amp. Oy. I might regret that!!!

Alright, the room is spinning a little bit and I think I need to go lay down. Have a wonderful weekend!


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