The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

I have, but not today. Today was all kinds of awesome.

A couple of days ago, we were outside and I found this on the ground:

*Sigh* The teeniest, tiniest egg went ker-splat on the driveway. I didn’t know where it came from and had Tyler and the kids come look at it. And then Austin looked up. And saw this:

Yep, someone got pushed out of the nest. I don’t know what kind of bird would have hatched, but I liked the pretty red/pink spots on the egg.

After I took the pictures, I went in the back yard. A few minutes later Austin came and told me something had changed with the egg remains. This is what I found:

He keeps me laughing!!

On another note, I did post yesterday – just on my Blogger site. I posted at 11:59 p.m., but I posted!! I got an e-mail from NaBloPoMo inviting me to post everyday in July. I don’t think so! It’s been fun and I’m glad I did it – it was like a little challenge for myself. But I’m not going to miss posting everyday. Not gonna miss it!

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One minute

One minute to post. I stayed out too late with my Bible study ladies tonight!! We closed down Applebee’s!!

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Puttin’ Up

Awhile back I might have mentioned that I was going to a pickling class. Who knows. At this point, my blog life for June is one big blur. I really can’t believe after I’m done with this blog, I only have three more left for NaBloPoMo.

Well, I managed to get my act together and pickle some french green beans. I even went whole hog and bought a real, certified water bath canner.

Photo Credit

My canner is very similar to this one . . . . .and I have the crazy tongs, funnel and magnetic lid lifter. In my defense, I have not recently gone crazy. The only thing I’ve purchased recently is the canner . . . . . .I’ve had everything else for years.

Wednesday I had some time to myself and I finally pickled the green beans. All of my cans lids sealed (oh the joy!) and I only had one explode in the canner. It was due to my trying something stupid to get the water off the top of the lid. But it exploded in the water so there was no splash or anything. When I heard the “bang” I literally thought, “When is the pain from the boiling water on my chest going to start?”

They turned out so cute!!! I have to wait four weeks for the proper taste to develop. I’ll be canning and/or pickling something else very soon. It was fun!

I also bought a crock to make sauerkraut. So far, it’s gone well. But, it also needs a few weeks to fully ferment. Here’s picture of it fermenting away:

I’m using red cabbage because that’s what I tasted at the pickling party that got me all hot and bothered to make sauerkraut. I think I might have another two or three weeks to wait. After that, I’m going to make real kosher dill pickles in my little crockie! It’s so nice because the trough at the top hermetically seals the ‘kraut so I don’t have to scoop off the scum that can accumulate if you do it a different way.

Okay, that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about fermenting cabbage!!

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Welcome Back, Summer

Ahh, yes. It’s that time of year again. The enchanted time where the weather in my little nook of the world goes from hit and miss okay to astounding. If you’re wondering, go to and search for Vancouver, WA. The outlook is sunny and in the mid-80’s for the next ten days.

Tonight was a beautiful night. Due to some construction, I have to drive through a neighborhood I don’t usually drive through. Tonight it was teeming with children playing outside. Two young teenage girls practicing what appeared to be modeling on a catwalk. When they heard my car, they squealed, and started running. Never even looking at me, too caught up in their enthusiasm and embarrassment.

Across the street were two smaller children running back and forth from their front yard to the back. Running with wild abandon in shorts, tank tops and no shoes. And smiles visible from a mile away.

So welcome back, Summer!! We’ve certainly missed you and will do our best to be hospitable so you don’t end up leaving us too early.

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Michael Jackson Memories

If you’re anywhere near my age, you grew up with Michael Jackson. I can hear any song off of “Thriller” and instantly be taken back to junior high and high school. But I have two very, very vivid memories that are entwined around his music.

The first I will share happened at my 10 year high school reunion in 1997. I was getting reacquainted with Friend A and Friend B walked up. Friend B and I lived in the same town so I didn’t really need to get reacquainted with her. Before any of us had a chance to catch our breath or even say proper hellos, Friend A asked Friend B a question. Asked isn’t really the word. Friend A had all the intensity of an assault rifle, but without the charm. She blurted out, “You (Friend B) wrote ‘Billie Jean is not my lover/The kid is not my son’ in my yearbook. What did THAT mean?”

The drinking hadn’t even begun.

Talk about an embarrassing, awkward pause.

B was speechless. B looked at A with a complete look of utter disbelief and said, “Uh, I have no idea.” I have laughed about that interaction probably at least 10 times a year in the 12 years since the reunion.

The second MJ memory is honestly one of the happiest memories of my entire life. It easily makes “Cheri’s Top Ten Best Moments Of Her Life” list. I was in the 9th grade and went to a friend’s sleepover birthday party. The cool part was that her house had a downstairs apartment in which her aunt lived. The aunt let her have the apartment for the party . . . . . . which meant no parents around. That whole night we played the entire “Thriller” record on her aunt’s stereo as loud as it could go. And it was loud. Over and over and over and over and over it played.

And we danced all night long.

Why was this signifcant? You see, we were a bunch of girls attending an independent, fundamentalist Baptist private Christian school. Dancing was on the very long list of no-no’s. We danced with wild abandon. We danced as joyful teenage girls celebrating our friend’s birthday. We danced because we were young and had an immense amount of stamina and energy. We danced because we could. No one was telling us no. That “good girls” don’t dance.

That night was pure joy and I remember it like it was yesterday. Funny how Michael Jackson worked his way into one of the best memories I have of my entire life. And one of the most socially painful!

**FYI – I don’t buy the “no dancing” crap anymore. There’s a lot of crap from that time of my life I don’t buy anymore.

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Interesting evening . . . . .

My husband e-mailed me from work today and said to name a place for us all to go to dinner tonight. Any place I wanted to. There are SO many places to choose from, but I chose our family favorite, Bortolami’s Pizza. It has the best pizza in the world . . . . and I’m even including Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage in that assessment.

After eating my pepperoni and black olive stromboli, I was near tears. Yep, it’s THAT good. We headed over to McDonald’s to get the kids some ice cream and I rented The Pink Panther 2 from a Redbox.

Then (am I dragging this out too much?) we headed home. Less than two miles from home, a guy pulled up next to us and motioned for us to roll down the window. I thought it was one of the 50,000 people Tyler knows. Once I saw the look on the guy’s face, I knew something was wrong with our car. And it was. We had a VERY flat tire. So thank you, Mr. Green Minivan in the Turn Lane Headed East on 99th Avenue.

We thought we might make it home, but we heard a rattle and knew we needed to pull over NOW. Austin and Tyler did the tire changing. We’ve only had the Highlander since last November and it was a learning experience for all of us. I do have to say that the way they have all the tools so nicely arranged was quite amazing.

So it was an interesting night. Thankfully it was quite warm and it wasn’t miserable changing the tire. And I did help. I stood in the way of the sun so Tyler wasn’t blinded. And I held the lugnuts and handed them back to him. And I’m happy to report that I didn’t drop the lugnuts and have to say THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the “F-dash-dash-dash” word!

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SW Daybook – June 23, 2009

FOR TODAY . . . .

Outside my window… it’s dark. But the stars are probably out – it was GORGEOUS today!

I am thankful for…the fun time the kids are having at church this week and the next two weeks.

From the kitchen…I have sauerkraut fermenting on the counter and will be pickling green beans Wednesday morning.

I am wearing…pink and blue flannel jammies (as seen here), Donny & Marie sparkly shirt, socks.

I am creating…a blog a day for this month. Sorry you’ve had to be subjected to it. After this one, I only have six left!

I am going…to chose to grab the happy moments during this storm in our lives.

I am reading…”Girl Meets God” by Lauren Winner. Go read it. Now. Find it. Buy it. Now.

I am hoping…to actually get some freakin’ canning done on Friday. It’s been one delay after the other.

I am hearing…the air conditioner, the beagle’s collar jingling, a t.v. show on teen pregnancy (did you know that most teens give birth about 4 weeks early? I had no clue.).

Around the house…is pretty clean in anticipation of my bff arriving. Or not. All depends if there’s seats on the flights as her hubby is a pilot and she flies space available.

One of my favorite things…feeling a fan on you in a cool room on a hot day. That happened to me today! It was heavenly.

A few plans for the rest of the week… maybe the bff and her awesome kids, taking kids to church on Wednesday, karate for Austin on Thursday and Friday, orthodontist for Amber, maybe a date night (again, depending on the bff), pickling, enjoying my clean house.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing

photo credit:Amazing Grace

I hope I know someone getting married soon. I want to make this towel cake in the worst way.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

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Update on the new doggie

Tidbits about Gwen in celebration of her four months with us.

  • She loves her rawhide bones. She hides them in the house and outside. She can usually never find them again. But if she can, she seems to only find the ones she’s buried outside. Then she brings them in the house, covered in dirt and proceeds to chew them up on the carpet – getting dirt everywhere. I have to vacuum nearly every day.

  • She is the happiest dog I have ever run across. She loves everyone, especially us. If the kids play in front of the house, she whines and howls the entire time. Sometimes they take her out with them, but she gets so hyper on her leash that it’s almost not worth it. She will stay outside with them in the back yard for HOURS.

  • She entertains herself to no end. She kind of throws stuffed animals for herself to chase. I could sit and watch it for HOURS.

It’s been a great four months. All of the Shavers are definitely in love with her. Even He-Man Shaver who isn’t all that thrilled with animals in the first place!

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Sewing Central

Finally, here it is . . . . . Sewing Central! I gave myself free reign on the entire dining room. I had a project to complete and school was out so it was mine, all mine!! And yes, I was borrowing the coveted serger from my mom. That thing is amazing!

I made patchwork composition book covers that you can find here. They were so easy, once I followed the directions. The first one I made looked like a 3rd grader made it. Why? Because I *thought* I remembered the directions and just went on my merry way. Nope, I didn’t have a clue.

Here’s the final result:

I was really happy with how they turned out. The music pattern on the fabric below was beyond cute! Amber’s choir teacher got this one and another with a red music pattern went to Austin’s guitar teacher.

I had the kids write something nice on the first page of the notebooks to their respective teachers.

It really is something I’d suggest doing for anyone. It was quick and easy . . . . . as long as you follow the directions!

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Happy Father’s Day!

A recent trip to Moulton Falls.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!! I was blessed to grow up with a wonderful father . . . . and so are my kids. Why? Here are just a few reasons . . . . .

Tyler is so patient with them.

He makes sure that most nights we have a time of family devotions together.

He takes them fishing so I don’t have to.

He doesn’t give in to their every whim and desire.

He’s our shoulder to cry on.

He points us to Jesus.

So thank you, my dear, for being the best father any kid could hope for.

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