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SW Daybook – June 1, 2009

on June 1, 2009

For Today…

Outside my window… insanely gorgeous, sunny weather. It’s been in the 80’s for what seems like weeks.

I am thinking… that I can’t believe I found my best friend and next door neighbor from kindergarten on Facebook.

From the learning rooms… we are done with school on FRIDAY!!! Awwww yeah!

I am thankful for… not being sick anymore. I missed my little bloggie world.

From the kitchen… I’m going to a pickling class next week!

I am wearing… pajamas. It’s the last week of school, what can I say.

I am reading… Trying to read “Wicked” but it’s kind of dark and I’m not really liking it. Will give it a bit longer.

I am hoping… to have a wonderful summer!

I am creating… patchwork fabric composition book covers for the kids’ teachers.

I am praying…
for an easy transition for something I have to keep quiet for the next two weeks (I can tell anyone (except one person), I just can’t broadcast it publicly) – but it’s GREAT news.

Around the house… foster kitties are growing, Austin managed to keep his cast dry for an entire week and we didn’t have our usual spring ant invasion!

One of my favorite things… summer vacation. Always has been. Always will be.

A few plans for the rest of the week… maybe a girls night out tomorrow night, eye doctor appointments, track practice, karate, and did I mention Friday is our last day of school?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

A picture of Austin testing for his blue belt. Him passing the test was far overshadowed by his broken finger that sometimes I forget there even was a test. But here he is, giving it his all!!

Joint the SW Daybook fun HERE.


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