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So bittersweet it knocks me off my feet

on June 4, 2009

No, her hand isn’t abnormally large compared to the rest of her body.

This weekend my daughter will make the transition she’s been waiting two years to make. She will officially be a member of our church’s middle school youth department. The same daughter who wouldn’t leave my side for the first 7 or 8 years of her life will walk victoriously into the three year future she’s been dreaming of. And I know she won’t turn around to say, “See ya, Mom.”

But I’m okay with it. I mean, if she was still clinging to my skirts and crying when I left her somewhere . . . . . well, that would be unhealthy.

So while I’m reminiscing, here are some fun little tidbits from Amber’s life.

  • She used to say “bonnet” instead of “bottom.” Sit on your bonnet, Mommy!
  • When she was about three she told me she was going to marry Daddy. I told her I was already married to him. She threw her arms up, threw herself on the ground and wailed, “What I am I going to do NOW????”
  • I fed her peanuts and she had to have surgery.
  • She hates coconut.
  • She loves all animals . . . . unless they’re ugly (she just told me this the other day).
  • Pink is her color. End of story.
  • I do highlights in her hair.
  • She told me recently “you’re my best friend. And you’re also my mom.”

So carry on, my dear. I promise not to be one of those moms who suddenly “feels the Lord calling her” to work in the middle school youth group. Nor will I suddenly “feel led” (or have my arm twisted by the youth pastor) to go on every single activity you’ll be on. I trust you and I love you. And you have well-earned some freedom.

So while it pinches just a little bit at the corners of my heart, I’m so happy to see the young lady you’ve become.

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