The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

And here’s where I’m forced to apologize

on June 9, 2009

I knew it would come. It’s only June 8 and already my blog has ground to a halt. But, I must continue if I’m to meet the NaBloPoMo June challenge and post every day this month. I don’t care HOW boring the posts may be.

Since today is our first weekday of summer break, you would think I had a great adventure to post. I don’t. Today consisted of getting Austin’s cast off (he now has a removable splint for 3 weeks), going to the store so I could make a grape salad for our last Sisters In Law meeting until September, getting dinner in the crock pot, taking the kitties back and cleaning up the mess they left behind. So I’m a little tired tonight. And I still have dishes to do.

I did manage to get my dining room turned into sewing central after all. I finished two composition book covers last night. The first one looks like a 4th grader did it and will be given to no one. The second one is all kinds of awesome (amazing what actually following the directions can accomplish) and I can’t wait to make the rest. I’m giving them to the kids Wednesday class teachers. They still have two more Wednesdays to endure.

The happiest news of the day came from Alaska. Some of you might remember that last year, a dear friend of mine, Kim Huitt, won Mrs. Alaska. That was part of the the Mrs. America pageant. Last night, another friend, Renee’ Scott, won the Mrs. Alaska USA pageant. {Shhhhhhhhhh . . . . don’t let anyone know I remember when Renee’ was born. That’s just embarrassing!} On a serious note, both of these women are amazing, godly, sincere, wonderful women. I can’t believe two separate sets of judges got it so right!!!

So with that, I’m off. I still have dishes to do. Sounds great, doesn’t it??


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