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Date night with the hubby!

on June 11, 2009

We had another great date night in the lovely city of Portland. We went to Wild Abandon for dinner. If you’re local and you haven’t gone . . . . . go!!! Their Goat Cheese Torta appetizer was divine. And I had Ziti with scallops in a mushroom sauce. Un-buh-lievable. It’s a very tiny spot on Belmont, and thankfully the sun was out. We ate on the patio and the sun shining on my back nearly put me to sleep. It was very relaxing.

After dinner, the relaxing was over. I got a book at the library a few weeks ago that gives you some great hill walks around Portland. And since Portland is all hills, it’s not hard to find a hill to climb. And on a side note, I see she now has Portland City Walks! Gotta get my hands on that one!

Our walk took us through the Eastmorland neighborhood of Portland along with a nice walk through Reed College and Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. The campus was astounding and had not 90% of the rhododendrons been bloomed out and gone, it would have been just as nice. Tyler and I promised each other we’d go back next spring.

It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll leave you with some pictures from our walk tonight. Sorry some of them are crooked. Like I said . . . . late and tired!

Creepy Crawlies

One of the few things blooming at the rhododendron gardens.

Cute with the little water drop.

Tyler in the Reed College amphitheater.

Maybe a heron’s nest?

Old Portland houses, how I love thee . . . . .

Tyler says this looks like the house C.S. Lewis would have lived in.

The size of the house we could afford in Eastmoreland.

Reed College

Loved the name . . . . .

Couldn’t resist a few more houses.


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