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I Keeps It Real: Family Devotions

on June 12, 2009

I’ve decided it’s time to keep it real. Seriously. I’m sick of people whose children are academic overachievers, second only to Einstein. Godly overachievers, second only to Jesus. Athletic overachievers, second only to some currently famous sports person (I’m not really into sports). You get the idea. I think people, especially those in the body of Christ, who are prone to build up an image of perfection, would benefit.

My first entry in “I Keeps It Real” is our family devotion time. We recently started using a new book, Solo. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s based on The Message and I’m sure I just lost my fundamental followers. Sorry to see you go. I love The Message. Dr. Peterson says that it’s not a replacement for your study Bible, but something to go along with it. And according to Beth Moore, Dr. Peterson is a “stinkin’ scholar.”

We’ve been reading a different devotional most nights at dinner. We just started Solo a couple of nights ago. We don’t get to it every night because of our crazy schedules . . . . here’s what the first night looked like: Tyler wanting to read every word of the Introduction, and “To The Reader” section. I think we might have gotten through most of it. Both the kids and I were zoning out big time. I *might* have pictured myself with a noose around my neck. The kids *might* have gotten a horrible case of the giggles. I *might* have encouraged it with cross eyed looks. Finally, about half way through the “To The Reader” I stopped Tyler. We could carry on the next night.

And we did. Tyler wanted to pick up right where we had left off in “To The Reader” but I think I stopped him. I *might* have blacked out at that point. I can’t remember. Anyway, we ended up talking/reading about Adam and Eve. The kids know the story by heart so I don’t think there was any great revelation. Great. Family devotions are off to a lackluster start.

I read tonight. It was about Jacob wrestling with the angel. Or Jesus. Or God-Man. No one really knows, but lots of people like to think they do (sorry, had to get that jab in there). I was happy that Austin remembered points about the story. Maybe spending his whole life in church has paid off. We were talking about the passage and I started to share about something I’d learned in another Bible study about it. And I started to cry because what I learned was amazing and still gets me.

This would be where Austin starts to make fun of me. And I swat at him. And tell him he’s hurting my feelings. And barely finish the rest of the reading. And ask him who he thinks he is. And then tell him he’s doing the dishes tonight. And then go collect myself in my room.

So there. We aren’t perfect. But we are real. And we’re growing together.


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