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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Homeschooling is NOT summer break

on June 14, 2009

First, we’ll start off with a couple of pictures of the kids in happier moments. Notice they both have new glasses on. We went to the eye doctor and they BOTH needed them!!! And yeah, they both kind of like the dog.

That’s Austin’s new splint he has to wear for a couple more weeks. Thankfully it’s removable!

Anyway, I have heard people over and over again say they could never homeschool. That they don’t have the patience for it. That they dread Christmas and summer vacation as it is. When people say that last line I usually pipe back with, “Yeah, it sucks to be around your kids so much, doesn’t it.” I know it’s not nice but, bottom line, I get sick of hearing people complain about having to be around their kids.

With that said, let me tell one and all that homeschooling is NOTHING like vacation from school. Oh My-LANTA! My kids have pretty much argued and bickered non-stop since school ended on June 5. I don’t get it. They were around each other all day for the entire school year. School ends and WHAMMO! Let the fighting begin.

I think it’s because they’re bored. When we’re doing school, they have something to do. Summer so far (granted it’s only been a week) has been a lot of doing nothing. So I’ve got to come up with something. I think we’ll start walking together . . . . and doing more stuff to wear them out. Thankfully starting the 24th of June they’ll have a lot of stuff to do at church for three weeks. Then we’re going on a mini-vacation. THEN they’re off to camp for a week. So they’ll probably be bored for all of August . . . . .

They’ve already been warned that when they can’t stop arguing, they have to go to their rooms for an hour. I announced that on Friday and they’ve been much less vocal with their disagreements. OH. I guess Friday was just yesterday. Drat. We’ll see what Sunday holds!!!


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