The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

The story that ended before it began

on June 17, 2009


This was going to be my summer to have a garden. You see, when we bought this house we inherited four raised garden beds. I’ve tried a few things over the years, with limited success, but I was going to put my heart into it this year.

I recently took a pickling class and have been all kinds of excited about pickling and canning anything I can get my greedy little hands on. In fact, I ordered a crock to make sauerkraut in and it came today! Guess what I’m doing when I’m done with this post . . . . .

Anyway, here is the before and (sadly) after picture. They are one in the same.

Yeah, so the stairs are a little dilapidated. No problem. And I had a LOT to clean out. No problem.

I attacked the upper left hand box this afternoon with complete determination. I got almost done and then I took a step. and kept sinking and sinking and sinking. The front of the box was slooooooooooowly peeling back and now there’s dirt everywhere. All the wood is rotten.

Makes me so mad!! But, I would be more mad if we were the ones who did all the hard work in the first place. Let’s just say the previous owners weren’t exactly handy-people. But they thought they were. We’ve had to replace and redo so much in this house it isn’t funny.

So there ya go. I *might* try to see if I can salvage the front two boxes. I was pretty ticked when I quit this afternoon – and I had to make dinner, take Austin to karate, go to the grocery store, etc. and haven’t had anytime to get out there. I told Tyler if he wants to rip everything out, slope it and grass it – I’m his girl. I was that mad.

So, we’ll see. Better go . . . . . . I’ve got ‘kraut to start!


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