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Update on the new doggie

on June 23, 2009
Tidbits about Gwen in celebration of her four months with us.

  • She loves her rawhide bones. She hides them in the house and outside. She can usually never find them again. But if she can, she seems to only find the ones she’s buried outside. Then she brings them in the house, covered in dirt and proceeds to chew them up on the carpet – getting dirt everywhere. I have to vacuum nearly every day.

  • She is the happiest dog I have ever run across. She loves everyone, especially us. If the kids play in front of the house, she whines and howls the entire time. Sometimes they take her out with them, but she gets so hyper on her leash that it’s almost not worth it. She will stay outside with them in the back yard for HOURS.

  • She entertains herself to no end. She kind of throws stuffed animals for herself to chase. I could sit and watch it for HOURS.

It’s been a great four months. All of the Shavers are definitely in love with her. Even He-Man Shaver who isn’t all that thrilled with animals in the first place!


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