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SW Daybook – June 23, 2009

on June 24, 2009

FOR TODAY . . . .

Outside my window… it’s dark. But the stars are probably out – it was GORGEOUS today!

I am thankful for…the fun time the kids are having at church this week and the next two weeks.

From the kitchen…I have sauerkraut fermenting on the counter and will be pickling green beans Wednesday morning.

I am wearing…pink and blue flannel jammies (as seen here), Donny & Marie sparkly shirt, socks.

I am creating…a blog a day for this month. Sorry you’ve had to be subjected to it. After this one, I only have six left!

I am going…to chose to grab the happy moments during this storm in our lives.

I am reading…”Girl Meets God” by Lauren Winner. Go read it. Now. Find it. Buy it. Now.

I am hoping…to actually get some freakin’ canning done on Friday. It’s been one delay after the other.

I am hearing…the air conditioner, the beagle’s collar jingling, a t.v. show on teen pregnancy (did you know that most teens give birth about 4 weeks early? I had no clue.).

Around the house…is pretty clean in anticipation of my bff arriving. Or not. All depends if there’s seats on the flights as her hubby is a pilot and she flies space available.

One of my favorite things…feeling a fan on you in a cool room on a hot day. That happened to me today! It was heavenly.

A few plans for the rest of the week… maybe the bff and her awesome kids, taking kids to church on Wednesday, karate for Austin on Thursday and Friday, orthodontist for Amber, maybe a date night (again, depending on the bff), pickling, enjoying my clean house.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing

photo credit:Amazing Grace

I hope I know someone getting married soon. I want to make this towel cake in the worst way.

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