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Make this for dinner soon

on August 2, 2009

I am no Martha Stewart. In fact, The Martha freaks me out. Have you ever watched “Whatever, Martha” on FLN? Her daughter has major issues with her and I don’t really ever want to be associated with The Martha. I’m more of a Rachael Ray type of gal, even if her voice does grate holes in my soul.

But, despite my wariness of The Martha association people tend to make if you like any of the homemaking arts, I will tell you this: I love to cook. I mean seriously love to cook. If I’m stressed out, put me in the kitchen. If I’m happy, put me in the kitchen. If I feel any feeling at all, put me in the kitchen to either celebrate or cheer myself up. I love to cook – not bake. I think baking is for more The Martha types and I just love to get a meal on the table.

Despite my monthly meal plan, I’m still on the lookout for new meals to make. Some of the meals have turned out to be clunkers or suddenly no one likes them and I want to replace a few. I found Stephanie O’Dea’s blog a few months ago and the girl is just downright inspiring in her love for her crock pot! She posted a new recipe a couple of days ago and I knew in an instant I had to try it.

We had it tonight and it was delicious. It’s knocking Beef Stroganoff off the monthly rotation – this pesto chicken and sweet potatoes are here to stay! The only change I made was using store bought pesto from the refrigerator section, Biutoni to be exact, because I really am not The Martha. I used frozen chicken breasts and cooked the whole thing on high for 4.5 hours. Chicken (for me at least) tends to dry out badly in the crock pot. I have found that the key is the shorter cooking time on high and using frozen breasts. The chicken tonight was perfecto!

I have high hopes for this recipe of hers – I’m trying it out in a couple of days.

So maybe The Martha should watch out. I’m pretty handy with a crock pot.


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