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WFMW: Turning 40 Gracefully

on August 5, 2009

You can join in the WFMW fun here.

WFMW happens to co-incide with my 40th birthday. Yep, August 5, 1969 welcomed me into the world. And an earthquake (I was born in Anchorage, Alaska). My mom says all she remembers was the doctor yelling, “Secure the baby! Secure the baby!” Oh well, that’s not where I’m going with this blog.

About six months ago, I watched an Anita Renfroe video (the William Tell overture Mom song lady) – I can’t remember which one. She had a song on there about aging. One of the lines went something like this:

‘Cuz every wrinkle tells a story, Every laugh line is a smile.

Twelve little words that rocked my world. I decided right then and there I wasn’t going to fight the inevitable signs of aging. I’ll take care of myself, but I’m not going to go crazy. I am surrounded by women who fight nature at every turn and corner. It’s exhausting just watching them.

And Anita is right. I got my wrinkles around my eyes because of all the reasons I have to smile. I have my laugh lines because the Lord had blessed me with much laughter. Dang it, I’ve earned my wrinkles. Most of them are a result of all the joy I get to react to.

Oh I’m still going to color my hair – I haven’t completely lost it. But I’m not going to try every anti-aging product there is in hopes that the next one will finally be the one that works. I’m not going to complain to my family that I look old (although sometimes pictures of myself really do shock me!). I’m not going to tell people, “Oh you’re so lucky, you’re young . . . . you can do ANYTHING!” I’m going to accept who I am as a gift from God.

He really is what it’s all about. It’s not about my vain attempts to look younger. It’s not about an obsession with youth. It’s not about anything other than Him. My 30’s were great. I got my spiritual act together and have grown in ways I never thought possible. As I was wistfully thinking about that very thing a few months ago, God whispered to my heart, “You know, you can grow just as much all over again in your 40’s. And 50’s. And on and on . . . . ” I’ll be honest, my heart soared.

So hello 40! Here I am!


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