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Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Maybe you did.

on September 26, 2009

Maybe you did.

Those words were whispered on my heart about four weeks ago. I was sitting in church two days after my mom died. I wasn’t angry. Wasn’t overly sad. Wasn’t hysterical. Wasn’t depressed. Wasn’t questioning God. Wasn’t demanding answers to “why.” Wasn’t any of the things I thought I might be.

Very matter of factly I thought, “I wish I would have had more time with Mom.”

And then these words came so tenderly from my Father. “Maybe you did.”

Wow. Maybe I did. Maybe I did have ten extra years. Maybe she could have gotten cancer then. I can barely stand the thought. Because if it would have happened 10 years ago, my mom and my kids would have missed each other.

And because maybe we did get extra years with Mom . . . . . . .

I don’t have to tell my daughter about how crazy her grandmother was about her. She knows.

I don’t have to tell my son how proud she would have been of his karate accomplishments. He knows.

I won’t have to tell my kids stories about how their grandmother would have spoiled them rotten.

I won’t have to tell them about how Grandma made every holiday, special event and just life in general so much fun.

I won’t have to tell them that their grandparents would have left their life in Alaska to be a part of their grandchildren’s life if only they would have been given the chance.

I won’t have to tell them about what a loving, giving and completely selfless person their grandmother was.

They know.

And I am forever grateful for the time we were given.


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