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SW Daybook: September 28, 2009

on September 28, 2009
FOR TODAY…September 28th

Outside my window…beautiful and sunny, with clouds approaching quickly

I am thinking…that less coffee in the morning has been a good thing

I am thankful for…a husband who backs up our hard drives on the computers regularly

I am wearing…capri sweat pants, t-shirt, Croc flip flops . . . . all pieces from the “do not wear in public” section of my wardrobe

I am remembering…the sound of my laptop as it hit the hardwood floor last night thus rendering the hard drive broken beyond repair

I am going…nowhere today and I love it.

I am reading…“Imperial Woman” by Pearl Buck and just started the “Stepping Up” Bible study by Beth Moore last night with my ladies! Awwwwwwwww yeah!

I am hoping…that I’m not getting sick

On my mind…how nice my hubby was when he realized the hard drive was fried.

From the learning rooms… the kids are doing great this year!

Noticing that…fall is coming whether I like it or not

Pondering these words…the video from Beth Moore last night, “No matter where you are, you don’t have to stay there!”

From the kitchen…nothing but a mess on the counter I really need to get cleaned up.

Around the house…I need to vacuum.

One of my favorite things~the quiet time in the morning before the kids are up.

From my picture journal… nothing. When I broke the hard drive, the pictures I had just taken from our walk in Portland were lost. Thankfully, not much else was. Tyler had just backed up the hard drive that morning!!! How’s that for a God thing???

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