The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

The 20’s Edition

on October 15, 2009
(Seriously, what is UP with that forehead?)

I got this idea from Amanda on the Living Proof Ministries blog. She just turned 30 and, well, I’m an entire decade older than her, but I thought I’d reminisce my 20’s as well.

20 – Transferred from the University of Alaska to Liberty University and finish my last two years of college there. Living in central Virginia proved to be quite interesting.

21 – After four years of college I couldn’t take One. More. Minute. of it. I quit and didn’t get a degree . . . . . and to this day, I don’t care. I did however meet two of my dearest, sweetest friends – Caroline and Jill. Started working at the long since departed MarkAir in Anchorage. One of my best friends, Kristy, died at the tender age of 22 from a brain tumor. I miss her to this day.

22 – Met this guy and fell absolutely, completely, shamelessly, shockingly head over heels in love.

23 – Married that guy. 24 – Interesting year of getting used to living with someone. We actually did pretty well, but did he have to be such a man?

25 – Got the baby itch bad. BAD!! Don’t know if Tyler had it . . . but I did. And it only took us 6 weeks after throwing out the birth control to get pregnant. My mom’s mom, Grandma Goff, died of lung cancer in December of that year.

26 – The arrival of Hurricane Austin. He didn’t come out crying, he came out with a rebel yell. Nothing could have prepared me for how much I loved him. And nothing could have prepared me for what a difficult infant he was. He’s almost 14 and if I’m not careful, thinking about his baby days can still make me tear up. I honestly don’t know how I survived. We moved to Wasilla and started building our first house.

27 – Our marriage somehow survived building said house. I will never do it again unless it’s the house I grow old and die in. Austin and I were in a horrible car wreck that left me with some pretty bad back damage. He was thankfully unharmed. A few months later, I got the baby itch again.

28 – The arrival of Amber. For as difficult as her brother was, she was the same amount of easy. And it’s true to this day. We decided two children was enough. Amber was 9’15” and I really didn’t want to risk a bigger kid (Austin was a mere 9’4″). We realized living so far from Tyler’s work (about an hour) was taking a toll on everyone. We decided to move and then hauled off and did nothing.

29 – (It’s hurting my brain to think this far back.) We eventually moved from Wasilla to Eagle River in order to be closer to Tyler’s new career – being a police officer. I settled into a much easier life since Tyler was home more, but that wouldn’t last for long. I got very involved in church and in general, this would be when my domestic bliss set in.

Remembering this makes me remember how relatively care free my 20’s were. Tragedy struck quite often in my 30’s. But it was also a time of unparalleled spiritual growth. Stay tuned for the 30’s edition . . . . .


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