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WFMW: Make ahead recipes

on November 4, 2009

So this week’s theme for WFMW is about what works for us during the holidays.

Last year was the first year I was in charge of Thanksgiving and I decided I didn’t want to kill myself on the day and be too exhausted to enjoy the meal. As I was searching for recipes on the best recipe site in the world, Recipezaar, I found a couple of make ahead recipes.

The first is for make ahead mashed potatoes. Nothing saps my will to live like dealing with piles of potatoes!! I made these ahead of time and just baked them on Thanksgiving. And thanks to this video, peeling them will be easier than ever this year!

AND it’s possible to make real gravy ahead of time, too. I am horrible at making gravy – just plain awful. And gravy from a jar? C’mon, let’s get serious. Anyway, I found this recipe and it was hands down the best gravy I’ve ever made. Okay, it was the second time in my life I had made gravy from scratch that was edible. It was a good day for me.

You do end up with excess food hanging around for a couple of days before, but I broke out the cooler and set it on the back porch. Everything stayed nice and cool.

This certainly works for me! Check out more WFMW fun at Kristen’s site.


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