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SW Daybook – November 9, 2009

on November 9, 2009


Outside my window… raining, what’s new??

I am thinking… about starting a support group called, “The Miserable Wretches Who Own and Love Their OCD Beagles.”

I am thankful for… a warm, cozy house

I am wearing… jeans, long sleeved shirt – my shopping and take the dogs to the vet for their annual shots uniform.

I am remembering… to keep checking the chihuahua to see if she has a reaction to her shots this morning. Her face tends to puff up like a cocker spaniel.

I am going… to Sisters In Law tonight! We’re having a wonderful speaker, Kathy Sawyer.

I am reading… Nothing; waiting for my next Jen Lancaster book from the library. Still doing the “Stepping Up” Beth Moore Bible study.

I am hoping… get a shower before noon – not looking good.

On my mind… my mom, as usual.

From the learning rooms… giving the kids Wednesday off for Veteran’s Day. Don’t know who will enjoy it more, me or them!

Noticing that… I should have gone to bed earlier last night.

Plans for the week… hubby going goose hunting and other than that, it’s a pretty typical week around here, which is a good thing.

From the kitchen… crock pot sloppy joes for dinner tonight with baked acorn squash. One of my favorites.

Around the house… as usual, need to vacuum. The beagle destroys any stuffed animal she can get her paws on. I have remnants of fluff and fabric all over the living room.

One of my favorite things… white chocolate mochas from Dutch Brothers.

From my picture journal…

Fall foliage at Portland’s Japanese Gardens – taken by me.

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