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My First Guest Blogger: Meg Wilson

on November 13, 2009

This is an exciting day for me!! I have my very first guest blogger. Her name is Meg Wilson and allow me to introduce you to her . . . . .

Meg is a dear friend of mine and a published author. You know you run a 75% greater chance of getting something published if you know me, right? I know so many authors it’s not funny. Anyway, Meg’s first book, Hope After Betrayal, is a book of healing and help for women who have faced, or are now facing, the darkness of betrayal by someone they love caught in the web of sexual addiction. But Meg is far from a one-trick pony. She also speaks on many issues including marriage communication, connecting with God, and many other topics. And I am very, very privileged to call her my friend.

She and her husband of 27 years in December live in the Pacific northwest. They have two daughters and one son-in-law. Meg also has a heart for young mothers as you will see in this blog post . . . . enjoy and be encouraged!

Confessions of an Out of Work Stay at Home Mom

No one told me the job would end, I mean aren’t they your kids forever?

I never thought they would ever stop making messes, interrupting or needing my care, but they did.

No one told me the job would go unnoticed, I mean when will they say, “thanks, Mom?”

I never thought they would stop to say I did a good job or take a moment to see how I was doing, but they did.

No one told me the job would cause so much pain, do they have to be so much like me?

I thought for sure I could keep them from being hurt, teach them to be better, smarter and tougher than I was, but I couldn’t.

No one told me being a parent would bring so much joy, I mean how can you put into words the gift of giving life and love to a child?

I never thought I would pray for, dream for, love, or miss my kids so deeply, but I do!!!

Enjoy every moment!


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