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Worst Winco Experience EVER

on December 2, 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with our local bargain grocery store, Winco.  If I really do some soul searching, I must admit that most of my problems with the place really have nothing to do with the store.  It’s the area of town its located in and, well, it just attracts a certain clientele.  {ahem}

So much has happened in the almost six years I’ve been shopping there.  Another car was backing out when I was and we hit each other (I hate the parking lot!), I’ve been approached for money (good thing I had on my chunky heeled, ninja-approved sandals), and just today I had a girl that was as high as a kite ask me how to use one of the hair accessories. OH!  And I want to start a People of Winco website like People of Walmart because, baby, I saw a doozy there today!

I was walking to my car after shopping and had the dubious distinction of following an arguing couple. They had been arguing in the check out lane behind me.  Arguing as they bagged their groceries.  And arguing as they plodded across the parking lot.  They stopped and I eventually passed them and felt kind of sorry for the obviously mental and miserable people they were.

As I was unloading the groceries it happened.  The worst Winco event ever.  In honesty, Winco had nothing to do with it, but since it happened in their parking lot I think they bear some of the responsibility.  A fat black bird about the size of a robin with yellow eyes landed on my cart.  It’s little reptilian like black feet and horrid claws were where I was just touching.

And it would NOT move.  It just turned its head and stared me down with its yellow eye.  This would be the point I almost simultaneously threw up, screamed, fainted and wet my pants.

Have I mentioned I have an irrational fear of birds?

I spent the rest of the terrifying few seconds unloading my cart with the eye closest to the bird, closed.  Kind of like this:

Tyler asked me why I didn’t just throw something at it.  I was momentarily frozen upon seeing the bird.  I tried ignoring it, but the open eye just kept turning my head to look at the stupid bird.  If I shooed it away, it might get mad and fly right at me.  I did shoo it, but it came right back.  Finally I swung a grocery bag at it and it got the hint.  But my body didn’t and involuntarily did sort of dry heaves all the way home.

Obviously there were three mental and miserable people in the parking lot.  But my hair was better.


One response to “Worst Winco Experience EVER

  1. […] even throw up or wet my pants when we stopped near this bird.  So much of a better reaction than THIS.  It probably did help that I was inside my car and the bird was quite a few yards […]

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