The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

So it’s been a month

on February 24, 2010

Well, almost a month.  I just have NOT felt like blogging.  Don’t worry, the Misadventures of Cheri continue on a daily basis.  This last mental free for all my brain took on me just had to be published.

There’s this guy in Austin’s karate class – he’s in his early 20’s and he likes to snowboard.  Weekend before last, there was a snowboarder killed on Mt. Hood because he was going extremely fast and crashed.  Karate guy (aka: Jason) hasn’t been in class since this happened.  Tonight was the last straw.  I was in a panic when I didn’t see his truck at karate.  I mean, out of the thousands of snowboarders that inhabit Mt. Hood every weekend at various snowboard areas, Jason HAD to be the one who died, right?  Makes perfect sense to me.

I Googled “Mt. Hood death” tonight and my heart was beating out of my chest.  Since it probably was Jason, I was going to have to look up the karate instructor’s e-mail and break the news to him.  I could never call him; he intimidates the mud out of me.  I mean, he is so accomplished what with his 5th degree black belt.  I’ve only called him twice in 3 years.  First, to inform him that Austin’s finger was broken (unbeknown to us) and that’s why he did semi-crummy at his blue belt test.  He still got the belt, but wow . . . . Austin’s an official stud.  And the second time to tell him that Austin couldn’t do karate for three weeks because of said broken finger.

Did I actually have a point here?

Anyway, as I rifled through the many entries that had nothing to do with Jason’s demise, I became sicker as the seconds passed by.  How was I going to tell Austin?  How was I going to tell Most Honorable and Awesome 5th Degree Black Belt and not cry like a child?  Not that I’d actually talk to him, but, ya know. Haven’t we all been through enough?

Then my eyes found the article I was looking for.

My hand shook as I guided the mouse oh-so-carefully to the correct entry.  I warily clicked and held my breath for what seemed like an eternity.

Apparently Jason is alive and well. 

My self esteem?  Not so much.


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