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So I don’t forget

on March 3, 2010

This post really is intended for me.  Because the last time I tried to remember, I had a bit of trouble.  If I write it down here, problem solved. 

Soon after my mom died I had a dream about her.  I dreamed that I got an e-mail from her in heaven.  I couldn’t e-mail her back, she said, and that was okay.  There were just a few things she wanted me to know that she was excited about.

She told me when she went on walks that the wilderness never, ever ended and it was so beautiful.  She was also taking an art class and getting ready to have a massage.

She ended the e-mail with, “Whatever you do, don’t miss Jesus.”  To me that meant to look for Him in the everyday-ness of my life and to not miss everything He has in store for me.

It was the happiest and most peaceful dream I’ve ever had.


5 responses to “So I don’t forget

  1. WOW! What an amazing dream!!!! yeah, i wouldn't want to forget that one, either

  2. Huitts says:

    How beautiful. I know God talks to us through our dreams…we just have to be willing to listen 😉 Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mr Cruzzo says:

    Yeah.. God is always there for us.. Never missed Him… I've always missed God, but then He still stay right besides me and hold me when I am in my weakest..Thanks for the sharing..

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  5. W0w Amazing dream and dream always amazing.visit my blog

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