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Intentional Parenting, A Rant

on April 10, 2010

I got my feathers in a ruffle over a recent blog post.  I’m not going to say who posted it (she has a huge following and I really don’t need any haters leaving comments) but she decided to call herself a homeschool mom.  She has always sent her kids to public school and until recently has had someone come in and clean her house twice a month.

Her basis for the claim is that she guides the spiritual development of her children, she does learning activities at home, she does many extra-curricular activities with them and she is involved in their lives.

Stop the presses!  I thought that’s what all decent parents did . . . . not just homeschoolers.  And trust me, there are plenty of homeschooling parents who do not fit the decent parent profile.

She said because of her involvement in her children’s lives that many times she’s mistaken as a homeschooler and has even been asked to speak at a homeschooling conference (once they found out she sent her kids to school they withdrew the invitation).  What kind of place does she live that the people around her think that ONLY homeschooling parents do this sort of thing?

Here are my issues:

1. The vast, vast, vast majority of my friends are the type of parents that fall under what I call intentional parents . . . ya know, guiding the spiritual growth of their children, doing learning activities at home, doing many extra-curricular activities with them and being involved in their lives.  Guess what?  Not all my friends are homeschoolers!  Some homeschool and the rest send their kids to either public or private schools.  I personally don’t think how you educate your kids makes you better than someone who chooses another option.  Again, I have to ask, what kind of culture does the blog poster live in???

2. If you want to be a homeschool parent, then by all means, be one.  Don’t call yourself what you’re not.  It’s like because I volunteer for a few things at my church (and know how to lock the front doors and have the building’s alarm code [on the rare days I can remember it]), I shouldn’t suddenly start calling myself a staff member.

3.  And until you’ve taught a reluctant reader how to read,

and until you’ve gone over “carrying the one” for the 4000th time with your 5th grader,

and until you’ve been with your kids 24/7 for six straight weeks while trying to keep your school schedule, home schedule and life schedule ON SCHEDULE,

and until you’re ready to strangle someone because no one seems to remember that “from” doesn’t have an “e” on the end,

and until your daughter can’t concentrate on her math because the idiot beagle won’t stop barking,

and until you’ve tried to teach long division to one child while the other one has to wait for you to explain the concept of there being more than one religion,

don’t call yourself a homeschooling mom.

Call yourself what you are . . . . . . . a fabulous parent who is doing the hardest job out there with a wonderful attitude.  A parent who is making a positive difference in her children’s life.  A parent who should give lessons to other parents on how to do the job we’ve been assigned.  A parent whose children will one day rise up and call her blessed.


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