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Just enough to be dangerous . . .

on April 14, 2010

That’s exactly how much Spanish I know.  Well, I could get myself out of an emergency situation, ask where the bathroom is and a few other things.  I took three years of Spanish in high school and one in college.  Something about the language just works for me.  I get it.  I even used to dream in Spanish in high school.  When Tyler and I went to Cancun 2 1/2 years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how much Spanish came back to me.  That was one of the highlights of the trip and why I want to go back so badly.

Another thing I like about my limited Spanish knowledge is that I know just enough to be able to eavesdrop on conversations.  The one I’m going to describe to you happened a couple of weeks ago and is my favorite “conversation they weren’t counting on anyone hearing.”

I was at Goodwill (holla for GW!! We have the most amazing GW’s ever!) and perusing the aisles.  You never know what you’re going to find.  My best find was a much coveted cast iron grilling pan.  Anyway, I heard two men talking in Spanish and I just had to see if I could figure out what they were saying.  It’s a major pastime for me when I’m out in public.  One sad looking man was carrying a truly hideous resin angel statuette.

What I heard was that sad man came home drunk the previous night and  his wife threw him out.  Apparently he thought the angel would get him in good with her again and she’d have no choice but to welcome him back home with open and loving arms.  I mean, afterall, he bought her an angel at Goodwill.


At that point I wished my conversational Spanish was better so I could tell him that he might try coming home sober once in a while.  Well, that and I couldn’t wait to see the angel embossed goose egg his forehead would be sporting the next day.


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