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Weight Watchers Day 2

on April 20, 2010

Yes, I really did start Weight Watchers like I said I would.  So far it hasn’t killed me.  But I’m on day 2 so give it time.

It really hasn’t been too bad, these two days.  It would help if I didn’t cook so well and if I didn’t have a family.  It would also help if I didn’t have left over, delectable grilled chicken calling my name from the refrigerator.  Chicken has more WW points than you would think.  Or at least I would think.   Thankfully my beloved teas and grape Propel are all zero points so I don’t have to feel completely enslaved by drinking water all day.

We went on a hike Sunday and then I walked for an hour at Amber’s track practice on Monday.  Which means my calves are all nice and sore.  I was going to get up early today and go for another walk, but I thought it was raining.  Just how I could tell it was raining  – which it wasn’t – with my earplugs in and the black out blinds closed, I have no idea.  So no walking it was.  Tomorrow is another day!

On another positive note, I finally got in to see my massage therapist today.  A few weeks ago I bought new pillows for Tyler and myself.  I accidentally picked the super duper puffy ones.  They work great for Tyler but after about a week I was in critical condition.  Well, my neck was.  I kept thinking it would get better, but it never did.  I’ve been at the point of daily headaches . . . . I’m talking almost migraine . . . . . . for far too long.  When you make your very experienced therapist say, “Oh my GOSH!  Oh. my. GOSH!” you know you’re in a league of your own.  My neck muscles were messed up clear down into my arms!  After an hour with her I could actually think straight and the pain was gone.  The muscles she beat back into submission are going to hurt like heck tomorrow, but I’ll be happy.

I love her!  Even more so because she hit a table she had a little fountain on and knocked the whole thing over, including fragrance oil in a jar.  It smelled REAL lemongrassy but I didn’t care.  All I could think was, “Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty my neck is free at last.”


2 responses to “Weight Watchers Day 2

  1. Melissa says:

    So what kind of pillow should I NOT get hunting for a new one. Have you test drove any of the memory foam types! LOL about your therapist I guess we’re all a little clumzy.

  2. […] my husband made my whole life about it here . . . . and the last two updates I gave you were from day two and when I wondered about mini-marshmallow points . . . . here is my official update.  I started […]

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