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The Awesome 80’s, part I

on April 22, 2010

Give me a moment here while I get over Mr. Bon Jovi.  *sigh*

I might be a bit biased, but I think the 80’s were the best decade ever.  I entered this decade as an awkward, unsure 10 year old and left it as an awkward, unsure 21 year old.  I thought I’d reminisce a little about my favorite decade.

1980 – I finished 5th grade and entered 6th.  My memories are a little foggy about this age.  What I mostly remember is living in Boise, Idaho and really having a great life for a kid.  By the 6th grade I had worked myself into the “popular girls” clique.  I was all that.  Little did I know “all that” would be coming to an end.

1981 – My parents announce we’re leaving  Boise (and my hard earned popularity) and returning to the homeland – aka Anchorage, Alaska.  I could NOT have been less thrilled.  We drove the Alcan and pulled into Anchorage on my 12th birthday.  This was a big, start your life over move for our family. We went from living in a nice home to an apartment with suicide paneling.  Don’t know what that is?  Check it out here.  This was also the year my parents enrolled me in Christian school and I met a fellow by the name of Jesus.  My life has never been the same and I’m forever grateful!!

1982 – Amy Grant idolization was firmly entrenched in my soul.  As a young Christian girl there really wasn’t any decent music to listen to that wasn’t the Devil’s music.  Amy Grand was all we had.  She was young, beautiful, hip and her music sounded vaguely like Devil music, only with lyrics about God.

1983 – Still at the Christian school and I had the BEST wardrobe!!  I don’t think there’s a girl out there now who would think that her mom making all her school clothes was the greatest thing ever.  But it was for me back in the day.  My mom was the world’s best seamstress.  She even made me an exact replica of a dress Princess Diana wore . . . I still have the dress.  Along with a couple others in which her sewing was amazing.  I’ll post pictures in Part II.

1894 – The year we moved to Wasilla and I started my sophomore year at Wasilla High School.  Yes, the one Sarah Palin went to.  No, I don’t want to talk about her.  And WHS would be where my 80’s fashion sense really started to form.  The hair . . . . the clothes!!  I’ll do my best to dig up some pictures and post them tomorrow!


2 responses to “The Awesome 80’s, part I

  1. Michelle A says:

    As soon as I opened up your blog and saw JON BON JOVI, I sighed and hummed too! I knew this was going to be interesting!! It reminds me of my greatest adventure with Becky B. and our pursuit of meeting him. I got his autograph and some VERY grainy pictures!!

  2. Dawn says:

    Ahhhhh, the photo of Bon Jovi really made me smile…and giggle a little…and it made my heart flutter. Thank you!!!!! And Amy Grant…she was my first concert. I.loved.her! I wanted to be her. Still wouldn’t mind…although my life is good, too. 🙂 I just love your blog, Cheri! You are too much! I hope that NaBloPoMo never ends!

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