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The Dogs

on May 30, 2010

Okay, I guess I’m having a moment of weakness and I’m thinking my dogs are pretty darn cute.  I might as well share this with the world because I’m sure one of them will do something in the next 10 or 15 minutes that will make me want to wring their necks.  So without further adieu, I give you Belle and Gwen.

“The Showdown”

They spend an inordinate amount of time staring each other down.  It can be from across the room, nose to nose or anywhere in between.  This day they were choosing to do it on my bed.  Because who doesn’t want their dogs on their 98% white comforter.

“Beagle in Repose”

Again in her favorite spot . . . on my bed.  It makes me want to crawl in there with her.  But she’s a bed hog.


I actually don’t remember her being very pensive.  In fact, she’s never had a pensive moment in her life.  She was moving about 90 mph and I happened to get this shot.

“Follow the nose, it always knows”

As anyone who has a hound can tell you, their life is ruled by their nose.  I know she’s smelling something right now and deciding if it’s snarky enough to interrupt her sunbathing. I have taken her on walks before where she’s never looked up . . . . nose to the ground and tail wagging for the entire time.

“Greatest Invention Evah”

Thanks to my ingenious neighbor who suggested it in the first place and my husband who installed it, the dog door is one of the best things to come along!  Since the beagle is obsessed with anything that moves in the back yard – birds, squirrels, children, a single blade of grass – she’s in and out about 98 times a day.   And we can leave the dogs for hours and not worry that they need a potty break.  Thank you Dog Door Inventor!

“It’s My Favorite”

If Gwen were a person, she’d totally be Buddy the Elf.  The endless optimism.  The endless annoyance.  The ability to ruin things.  The ability to make things great.  It’s all her.

“Please don’t make me move because I really am diggin’ the sunshine and as much as I love you and will move, I really don’t want to move because I only weigh six and a half pounds and the ability to keep myself warm escapes me most times and this sun feels goooooooooooood, really, really good and it feels even better because the littlest human who worships me brought me this sweet blanket to lay on so I wouldn’t be subjected to the horrors of  cold Pergo on my semi-hairless underside and that’s how I know she worships me which I’m sure all of you do.”

I so know that Belle talks in run-on sentences.  And it always ends up being about her.


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