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Just Enough to be Dangerous, Part 2

on May 31, 2010

A while back I blogged about a Spanish conversation I overheard.  And while it was funny it made me think of the same sort of thing on a bigger scale.  Like how we who claim to be Christians offer God our service, our money, our mouth, etc., but never really give Him access to our hearts.  We let pride, hate, anger, jealousy, lust, superiority, unforgiveness and an even longer list of sins percolate just under the surface of who we are.

We figure if we serve God on Sundays, but never get over our pride, we’re still okay.  All God really cares about is what we do for Him.  We think if we give an extra $10 to a missionary then God’s happy.  Who cares that we yell at our family all the way home from church?  We just know if we work in Vacation Bible School this summer (even though we hate it) then we’re getting heavenly brownie points all the while we lust uncontrollably over that cute barrista at Starbucks.  We think that by “proclaiming the truth” to our unbelieving neighbor and pointing out how wrong they are, that God likes that and we’re going to get even MORE heavenly brownie points when we shame them into coming to Christ.

What God ultimately wants is access to our heart.  Access and “permission” to clean out all the ugliness.  Yes, I believe serving God is important, but it’s not the only thing He wants.  He wants to radically change our broken, self-centered hearts into hearts that radiate His love.  Hearts that serve Him because we love Him.  Hearts that don’t scream at our kids when we want to because we love Him.  Hearts that realize the barrista is stinkin’ cute but stop there because we love Him.

Hearts that are so transformed that we can’t help but love the most unlovable.  Hearts that pour out with love for those whose ideologies, politics, lifestyle, etc. are in 100% direct opposition to what we believe is the truth. But we love them anyway.  And show them the respect they deserve as God’s creation.

Because we love Him.


One response to “Just Enough to be Dangerous, Part 2

  1. Sherry says:

    Awesome post, Cheri! You are so right. We can’t just give money to God like we are paying Him off for all the bad things we’ve done and continue to do. He wants all of us! PRaise God for His tender mercy and willingness to forgive us! I pray that I show a heart for Him.

    Have a blessed day!

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