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The eyes, they see me

on June 7, 2010

Among one of the more endearing qualities of our beagle is her love for stuffed animals.  Yeah, she stole Amber’s “Coconut” and we’ve never seen it again.  And once it dries out around here I’m going to follow the dog until I find her stash outside.  I can’t imagine the stuff she’s swiped that we don’t even know is gone!

Anyway, as soon as she gets her paws on a stuffed animal the first thing she does is remove the eyes. I don’t know what it is.  Does she likes the plastic?  Doesn’t she like them staring vacantly at her?  And some of the results are rather disturbing.  The memory of one miniature Care Bear’s missing eyes can still wake me up screaming at night.

This is her latest group of “no-see-ums.”

And she never completely chews up the eyes.  Instead, she just leaves them laying all around the house.  Here’s what I picked up just today:

I added a nose in the mix, she promptly removed that from a stuffed animal that had embroidered eyes.

She does keep things interesting around here.  And at times a little too interesting.  She recently left a nice imprint of her muddy tummy on our almost completely white comforter.  Tyler calls it “Gwen’s Art.”  I wish my attitude was as good about it . . . . .


3 responses to “The eyes, they see me

  1. BECC says:

    toooo funny; Strider does the same with the eyes. oh I wanted to KILL him when he got hold of the beautiful little stuffed rabbit puppet I got Belle for her first Easter, with visions in my head of her treasuring it for years to come…now it has empty holes where the eyes once were. I caught him before he destroyed the puppet but now it’s more creepy than anything. An eyeless puppet. sounds like something from a horror movie.

  2. Caroline says:

    I recently purchased a package of 100 eye balls from our local Dollar Store. What I wouldn’t give to show up and place them strategically all over your lovely residence. Now, you know…I wouldn’t do that, but I sure just had a vision of it 🙂

    Miss you!

  3. Melissa Griffin says:

    Love, love, love the new blog! So pretty and way better then blogger is it easier to work with?

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