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Easy Hike

on June 12, 2010

Back when we had a stretch of warm weather that wasn’t all rain, the kids and I headed to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge for an easy hike.  Austin stayed ahead of us for most of the time, but we managed to keep up with him.  Not an easy task.  Amber was much more interested in the flowers and trees than he was.  Ahhh, sweet balance.  Here are a few pictures:

First off, there were little garnder snakes EVERYWHERE!!!  And as you can see, the brush was still pretty dried out so you could hear them slithering more often than was comfortable.  I know they’re harmless, but I’ll never forget the sound of dried leaves getting slithered over {shudder}.  I kind of feel sorry for them now with all the rainy weather we’re having.  How do they stay warm?

A series of spiderwebs that doesn’t show up very well.  It was fascinating.  And then I decided to edit this picture a little and this is what I got:

If you look on the left side, you can make out the spider waiting patiently for lunch to arrive.

Like I said earlier, Amber was really into the trees on this particular trip.  This tree reminded me of  The Lord of the Rings movies.  She didn’t want to leave this spot and let me take more than one picture so she must’ve been in heaven!

This was our overhead canopy.  Again, very LOTR-esque.  Don’t tell anyone this, but I fell asleep during the third one.  So much so that Tyler and the kids were disgusted that they had to tell me what happened to everyone.  I still don’t think I’m 100% straight on it all.  Nor do I really care.

Our handy-dandy tour guide.

After the walk, we hopped in the car and drove through the other part of the reserve.  We saw quite a few things we didn’t get pictures of – beavers, a coyote, tons of ducks and mallards, and many birds flying overhead.  These are the best pictures we got:

I didn’t even throw up or wet my pants when we stopped near this bird.  So much of a better reaction than THIS.  It probably did help that I was inside my car and the bird was quite a few yards away.

All the turtles getting their sun was very cute!!!  Again, I worry about them with it being so cold and rainy lately.  But they’ve survived for thousands of years without me worrying about them. I guess this won’t be the year they vanish from the face of the earth.


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