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Father’s Day

on June 20, 2010

About 2 years into our marriage, I got the baby itch.  Well, I guess a more accurate description would be an all consuming rash.  I wanted a baby and I wanted one NOW.  And even at the tender age of 25, if I would have had one doubt about my husband’s ability to be a committed husband and father, I never would have had a child with him.  I knew Tyler would make a great dad.  And he has . . . . . here are a couple of pictures from the two days he became a dad.

Tyler had been a dad about 12 hours at this point.

And now he was a dad to a little girl.

If you’re observant, you’ll notice him sleeping with both the kids in the hospital.  There was no sleeping in the plastic crib when Dad was around.  When Amber was a few hours old I told him it was okay to put her in the crib.  He said, “There will be none of that.”  He freaked out one of the nurses (who was also a dear friend) because when she came in she couldn’t find Amber.

Over the past 14+ years, little has changed.  He’s never missed an opportunity to hold his kids.  And now that they’re older, he can’t physically hold them all the time.  But I know he holds them with his prayers.

He holds them with his ability to talk heart to heart with them.

He holds them when I have come to the end of the rope and have not a single, rational thought after dealing with a teenager and pre-teen all day.

He holds them by initiating family game nights.

He holds them by his loving example of a servant of Christ.

Believe me when I say our family is a miracle.  As screwed up as Tyler and I have been over the years, we’ve only managed to slightly screw up our children.  And now that we have found our way to being healthy and whole, it floods out of our children.

And that’s all because one man was humble enough to change everything for his family.

So he could hold us better.


2 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. Tyler Chavers says:

    Well, you left me speechless…and crying. No, not just teared up….full on crying. All I can think to say is, Thank You. And, I didn’t know I could love you even more than I already do….but I just found out I could, and I do!

  2. Kristi says:

    I just love you guys…am SO proud of both of you for the courage and grace you model as parents (good examplefor not-so-little-cuz to follow!). Happy Father’s Day!

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