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His first memory has to do with Toy Story

on June 30, 2010

Well.  I thought I was ending my Toy Story saga here.  Apparently not.

When I was telling my son about the above blog, he then told me just about the cutest story I’ve ever heard . . . . . .

Oh, Mom!! That was my first memory.

Your first memory?  What?

The first thing I ever remember.

Was what? (This sort of questioning is rather normal when dealing with a 14 year old.)

*sigh*  I remember at the hospital you guys told me to open a drawer.  I opened it and Buzz Lightyear was in the drawer.  It’s my very first memory.

Awwwww!  Do you remember seeing Amber for the first time?

No.  All I remember is getting Buzz.  I was really happy.

I’m so glad that is his first memory.  He was two years and three months old at the time and let’s just say his first memory could have been not-so-pleasant.  Austin was the type of toddler who was into everything.  And when he got into everything, he took the “getting into” to the highest achievement level.   He had a will of steel (still does) and was intent on doing everything his way.  So, yeah.  There were lots of times he got the chance to be disciplined.  Lots.  And lots.

So many that it still makes me shudder at the thought of it.

It’s a miracle we even had a second child after what he did to me.


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