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Dog Fight

on July 14, 2010

It was just an average day around the house when Gwen (beagle) decided to start talking trash to Belle (chihuahua).

Hey Midget!  Can you hear me down there?  Can your sesame seed brain process the fact that I’m talking to you?

Excuse me?  What did you say?  I’m sorry, but I’m very confused.  Mom must’ve given you a bath because you actually smell good . . . . I’m so used to “dead varmint” smell that I almost didn’t recognize you.

You take that back. TAKE. THAT. BACK!!  I do not smell good.  I smell offensive.

One more word from you and I’ll be forced to open a can of chihuahua whoop derriere.

Oh yeah?  OH YEAH!!  You can’t even open a teeny tiny can of whoop derriere because you have no opposable thumbs.  NO THUMBS!

That’s just like you.  Take a cheap thumb shot and then run for your pathetic life.  I know you’re terrified of my rippling muscles.  Get back here and fight like a dog.

{Psychedelic gratuitous violence fight scene}

Back off now little dog, I’ve got ya!

I will never admit defeat . . . no matter how bad the tartar build up is on my teeth!  Or how strange that snaggle tooth appears.

Enough of this ridiculousness.  I’m going outside.

Now that that’s over with, I’m your favorite?  Right Mom?  Right??


2 responses to “Dog Fight

  1. Tyler says:

    LOL LOL LOL….. you should do dog voices more often 🙂 I especially loved the psychedelic fight scene…..I guess I have the inside joke- living with them and all. This was GREAT!

  2. Christina says:

    I love it! I actually did laugh out loud just in case you were wondering. I have missed your antics 🙂

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